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Sleep the Swedish way


• IKEA launch the TOG-ether bundle, helping Brits sleep better together
• The double bed is about to get more comfortable, as couples can now purchase two single duvets catering to personally preferred TOG ratings for less than the usual price (£40 rather than £50)
• Half the nation regularly lose out on a good night’s sleep, with 10% having covers stolen and 40% being too hot or cold at night
• Nearly half of us (45%) will endure sleepless nights so a partner can sleep comfortably, with 52% of women admitting to regularly retreating to the sofa as a result, compared to only a third of men
• 61% of Brits feel fatigued from never getting a good night’s sleep
• The Swedish retailer hopes to help Brits win at sleeping by sleeping like a Swede 

Almost two-thirds (61%) of people in the UK are feeling fatigued from routinely sleeping badly, with UK adults missing out on, on average, at least an hour every night. Bed-sharers seem worst off, with 50% losing out on the battle of the bedsheets by having covers stolen or being too hot or cold so their partner remains the perfect temperature.

Tackling the nation’s sleeping-problems head on, IKEA has created the TOG-ether bundle, where people can purchase two single duvets for less than the usual price. Available for £40.00 in IKEA stores nationwide on the 27th and 28th January, couples can take on the battle of the bedsheets by choosing from duvets of different ‘tog ratings’ (7.5 TOG or 12 TOG) based on their own individual sleeping preference, when purchasing bedding as a pair. The IKEA RÖDTOPPA range is made of sustainable, quality material which breathes well throughout the night, keeping you dry and comfy thanks to the combination of moisture-absorbing lyocell and soft, fluffy polyester in the filling.

The TOG-ether bundle has been inspired by the Swedish sleep tradition: where two single duvets replace a double, as an established sleeping method known to ensure Swedes win at sleeping when sharing a bed. The individual is able to choose preferred weight and warmth, be as tucked in as needed and not have their duvet stolen. Therefore helping people to sleep better together when bed sharing.

The bundle comes as a result of research by IKEA that found 61% of Brits believe they never get enough shut eye, with reasons including being uncomfortable (55%), too hot or too cold (39%) and snoring (21%) preventing them from winning at sleeping.

On top of this, nearly half of the nation regularly compromise on the amount and quality of sleep they get to keep their partner happy. A quarter of us go to bed earlier than we’d like (25%), more than 1 in 5 admit to taking up less room in the bed and are willing to be too hot or too cold so their partner remains the perfect temperature. In fact, 52% of women admit to having to retreat to the sofa as a result, compared to only a third of men. Despite this, women are more likely to take the importance of sleep seriously (35%) if choosing to remain in bed, refusing to give up a good night’s sleep for their partner, compared to only 26% of men who admit to this.

Carol McSeveny, Textiles Leader, IKEA UK & Ireland said, “Many of us find that not getting a good night’s sleep is becoming a regular occurrence. Getting enough sleep is of upmost important for us to remain healthy and optimise our wellbeing. This is why we have introduced this traditional Swedish sleep trend of using two single duvets instead of a double, in UK stores for a short period, allowing couples to select a duvet from the bundle that suits them.”

For more tips and inspiration on creating a bed that helps you to get a better night’s sleep, visit the IKEA website: #wonderfuleverynight

To purchase the TOG-ether bundle, visit an IKEA store nationwide on the 27th or 28th January 2018.*