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RUNNEN Floor decking, outdoor, artificial grass, 0.81 m²

RUNNEN Floor decking, outdoor, artificial grass,

Price £ 35/package
RUNNEN Floor decking, outdoor, acacia, 0.81 m²
RUNNEN Floor decking, outdoor, artificial grass, 0.81 m²
RUNNEN Floor decking, outdoor, beige, 0.81 m²
RUNNEN Floor decking, outdoor, brown stained, 0.81 m²
RUNNEN Floor decking, outdoor, dark grey, 0.81 m²

How to get it

Nothing is like feeling soft grass under your feet. RUNNEN floor decking in artificial grass is easy to click together and fix in place on your balcony or terrace ‒ so just take off your shoes and enjoy.

Article Number503.131.31

Product details

The floor decking is easy-care and simple to fix in place by clicking the plates together.

The artificial grass will last longer and keep looking fresh, as it is both UV stabilised to withstand prolonged exposure to sunlight and fade resistant.

The floor decking can be cut if you need to fit it around a corner or a pole.

You can easily take the floor decking apart and put it together again if you want to clean the floor underneath.


IKEA of Sweden

  • Comprises: 9 pcs (30x30 cm) floor decking for outdoor use.

    Vacuum the floor decking just after fixing it all in place since there can be pieces of artificial grass in it which are left over.

    The floor decking is suitable for hard, even surfaces, like for example concrete, stone and wood.

    Product is possible to recycle or use for energy recovery, if available in your community.

  • Material
    Synthetic rubber, Polyethylene plastic
    Polypropylene plastic (min. 20% recycled)

    Use a stiff broom or vacuum cleaner to clean the artificial grass. If you use a vacuum cleaner, make sure that the artificial grass is dry before you start.

  • Note that the floor decking may be slippery to walk on if it gets wet, for example after it rains.Never place a barbecue or other fire source on the artificial grass. Embers from fires or barbecues are not a fire risk, but cause the artificial grass to melt.

Weight & measurements

Total area: 0.81 m²

Length: 30 cm

Width: 30 cm

Thickness: 2 cm

Area: 0.09 m²

Package quantity: 9 pack

  • RUNNENArticle Number503.131.31

    Width: 33 cm

    Height: 16 cm

    Length: 33 cm

    Weight: 4.33 kg

    Package(s): 1


Runnen is magicalVerified ReviewerI transformed my balcony, it cost me a fraction of the cost as it was on discount. It looks beautiful and was put in place in 30 mins.5
Love it!Verified ReviewerLove them, easy to use and great value for money5
Decking tilesVerified ReviewerEasily click together, had some help with cutting, they really improved the look of my porch! Would definitely recommend.5
Very easy to install perfectVerified ReviewerVery easy to install perfect colour and looks really nice on my front porch5
Very disappointing - different batch numbers in one order. Really disappointed with purchase of Runnen decking tiles. The tiles look lovely, are relatively easy to install and purchased on special - so discounted price HOWEVER we purchased 100 boxes to use in our outdoor area, we were delivered 2 different batches.Verified ReviewerThis was not noticed until we were 1/2 through laying, due to the large number of boxes, boxes had been left outside, so could not return. A number of friends had visited in the initial stages, were impressed so we had encouraged them to make purchase. Have now had to advise them to be very cautious should they purchasethis product!! We should have been advised that we would be receiving two different batches of tiles before delivery - given it was a large quantity. It should have also been noted on delivery, so we were aware of this prior to laying the tiles. This only become apparent after about six boxes of the 2nd batch had been laid, they had to be lifted, we had to sort through boxes to identify batches and then rectify the situation. Quite unacceptable and a waste of time, to be honest!!! Cannot recommend a good product - due to supply of different batches. We need another ten boxes of batch 2245, to complete the area but have 15 boxes of batch 2249-Pu6 over!1
Looks amazing and so easy to fit!Verified ReviewerWe needed to replace our old wooden RUNNEN tiles after around 4 years due to deterioration, but we loved how easy the system was to install and they looked brilliant when we first laid them. We opted for composite tiles as we needed something that would last longer. We were a bit concerned about bumps on our concrete patio, and the tiles not laying flush as it's not a completely flat surface, but the tiles lock in firmly and lay flat once clicked together properly (you really do have to give them a good whack with your hand to get them to "click"). We used the RUNNEN edging strip for a polished finish on the raw edge (a bit fiddly to click in place but worth the effort!). These tiles are top quality, soooo easy to install, and great value for money. Highly recommended!5
Looks good easy to fit.Verified ReviewerLooks good and is really easy to place down and cut to size with a hacksaw. We placed it on top of concrete flags. We have recently replaced as the previous set rotted away after being laid for five years and restained once with decking paint. Lasts reasonably well for the price.4
Look niceVerified ReviewerSlightly wrong size for area needed to cover, difficult to trim down and not as stable once trimmed (can't connect together). Still look nice though.4
Runnen wooden outdoor decking tiles acaciaVerified ReviewerWe have laid these tiles on a concrete outside balcony. Measuring 8 metres by 1.5 metres. Have used 11 box's with some of them cut. Used a jigsaw to cut which worked very well. Fitted very easy just clipped together The finished job looks very good. Would submit a photo but not able to. Happy with the appearance so far remains to be seen how they stand up to the weather?5
3 of the tiles wereVerified Reviewer3 of the tiles were damaged the plastic on the edges were not attached on one side. However my first purchase of these was great. The delivery was on time and the chap wS very polite.2
RunnenVerified ReviewerAbsolutely brilliant looks so beautiful layed and easy to assemble.5
This covered my old deckingVerified ReviewerThis covered my old decking perfectly and was quick and easy to install5
Runnen grass square'sVerified ReviewerVery pleased with our purchase of the runnen grass and wooden square. Made a massive difference to our . gazebo . Love it5
Horrible design, looks okayVerified ReviewerLooks quite nice but the locking mechanism to click the tiles together were like a cruel practical joke, horrible product, completely unexpected that something from IKEA would be this awful, think we will avoid all outdoor/garden items from IKEA1
lovelyVerified Revieweri had horrible concrete slabs on my balcony! i used the grass squares and they was good! they wouldn’t click together on some parts and i tried everything !! except a hammer but i’m the end i got the hammer and it connected lovely !! i highly recommend a hammer !!!4
PerfectVerified ReviewerPerfect5
Beware! Looks good for 5 minutesVerified ReviewerI bought IKEA Runnen deck tiles in April 2020. They are installed on a dry well drained new concrete balcony surface and treated each year with woodstain. However, in just the third year many of the deck tiles are fully rotten. In addition, this product is maintenance intensive, needing sanding washing and staining each year and never looks as good as when first laid. All in all, expectations for this external product have not been met and would advise others to avoid.1
Fantastic!Verified ReviewerI covered my existing patio area. It was so easy to do and the results are amazing. I love it! My patio has some uneven paving slabs and it’s hidden them and made it look even. I thoroughly recommend.5
NormalVerified ReviewerNormal4
Not as good quality as other supplierVerified ReviewerIn 2018 i bought some tiles from click deck and we loved them so we decided to use the tiles on another area in our garden and saw these tiles from ikea were slightly cheaper so we bought these. Only after 3 months, the ikea tiles have begin to warp and the stain has deteriorated already! The tiles have only had their first coat of oil this winter. These tiles also use a different base which is noisy and clonky under foot. Dont let the cheaper price fool you!1
RUNNEN Floor decking, outdoor, artificial grass, 0.81 m²

Our take on plastic

Plastic is a key material for IKEA and remains so going forward. It is strong, durable, lightweight and versatile. It is a main component in a large amount of our products and has a wide variety of applications from surface materials such as paint and foil, to screws and shelf pegs. There is a lot of valid concern regarding how plastic impacts the environment and at IKEA we take this very seriously. As part of our larger circular journey and transition from virgin fossil based material, we are working hard to change all plastic in our home furnishing products to plastic made from recycled and/or renewable raw materials.

Only recycled or renewable plastic

Plastic is most commonly derived from oil and gas, which are non-renewable fossil sources. These sources do not renew themselves and will eventually be depleted. Our ambition is that by 2030, all plastic used in our products will be based on renewable or recycled materials. Renewable plastic is made from materials such as vegetable oil, corn, wheat grain and sugar cane. Recycled plastic allows us to give a second life to non-biodegradable products such as PET bottles that would otherwise end up in landfill. Using recyclable sources also lessens our dependency on oil as a raw material. Currently more than 40% of our plastic products are based on recycled and renewable materials and our aim is to reach 100%. As we add products made from recycled and renewable materials to our offer, we hope to inspire other companies to do the same.

Phasing out single-use plastic

Single-use plastic items pollute ecosystems if not disposed of responsibly. As part of our commitment to people and the planet, all single-use plastic products from the global home furnishing range were phased out in 2020. This includes items such as plates, cups and plastic straws offered in our restaurants, bistros, and cafes. These were replaced by disposables made from 100% renewable sources.

PET and PP, our most commonly used plastics

Polythylene terephthalate (PET) and Polypropylene (PP) are durable, hygienic and shatter-resistant plastics. They absorb very little water and have good chemical resistance. Both PET and PP can be reused and recycled, which reduces waste and gives the product several lives through use and reuse. PET is the most recycled plastic in the world and can be used for many different purposes such as plastic bottles and containers for packaging food and beverages as well as for personal care products, pharmaceuticals and many other consumer products. At IKEA we mainly use recycled PET in boxes, filling material for textiles and kitchen front foil. PET is approved by health-agencies as safe to use for food and beverage. IKEA uses recycled PET that is post-consumer based, which means it is based on collected and sorted PET bottles.

Clean and safe

IKEA takes product safety very seriously and all products are tested and comply with the strictest possible laws and safety standards on all IKEA markets. Customers should always feel confident that products bought at IKEA are safe and healthy to use. IKEA wants to minimize or totally refrain from the use of chemicals and substances that can be harmful to people and the environment.

Together, we can do more

Our journey towards only using recycled or renewable plastic will take some time and require new ways of doing things, but we are determined to take responsibility and find new solutions. We want to give our customers the possibility to choose products made from more sustainable materials that can be recycled again one day. Together, we can make a big difference!