ORDNING Dish drainer, stainless steel, 50x27x36 cm
ORDNING Dish drainer, stainless steel, 50x27x36 cm
ORDNING Dish drainer, stainless steel, 50x27x36 cm
ORDNING Dish drainer, stainless steel, 50x27x36 cm
Article Number100.181.94

Product details

Holds large plates with a dia. up to 32 cm as well.Height ca. 50 cm incl. base with dia. 32 cm.Most suitable for round plates and side plates.29 plates fit for drying at the same time.Designer

Mikael Warnhammar

  • Stainless steel
    Handwash only.
  • The material in this product may be recyclable. Please check the recycling rules in your community and if recycling facilities exist in your area.
  • ORDNINGDish drainerArticle no.:100.181.94
    Width: 28 cmHeight: 7 cmLength: 50 cmWeight: 2.22 kgPackage(s): 1
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Product size

50 cm
27 cm
36 cm


Better than chrome onesHellnjoyWish I'd measured draining board as this is too big, really, but love the simple design and that it's steel rather than chrome, which have rusted when I've had that type before, and look germy!5
Very sturdy dish drainerjebellvery sturdy dish drainer, easily wiped down only issue is you need an extremely large draining board to have this placed width ways ☹ I can only position this length ways which I'm not very keen on4
Dish drainerGTN1Easy assemble but frustrating to line up the screws and holes on your own. Also not very good for stacking dishes. The back rail is too far reclined.3
Great storageCoffee lover 1968Fantastic space saver looks great5
Not fit for purposeKushieI bought this recently to replace my current one in using as it's starting to go rusty. This dish rack initially appealed to me as it is stainless steel, modern and a good size for a family of 4. Once I brought it home and put it up to test, we discovered that the actually gaps to put plates on are smaller than most racks I have come across and my heavy plates didn't feel well supported. Also I normally dry out my wooden chopping boards on the dish rack but they did not fit. Anyway, it is now back in the box waiting to be returned. This rack would have definitely benefited from a separate tray at the bottom to collect water, allowing us to not having it sitting on the draining board.1
Good QualityDaz131075Superb quality and very easy to make5
dish drainercockneysturdy and ideal size for my drainer.5
Scratches and Ruined my Ikea Sink!SurfwidowThis looked lovely however i noticed scratches from under this it has no scratch protection like rubber feet or plastic barrier strips this has basically scratched my new Ikea double Sink draining board and it ruined the look of it. The scratches are still there now covered by a plastic sink dish rack. This is now sitting on a window sill in the office holding stationary! :( really upsetting how something meant for dishes can scratch the surface of a sink! It was only there one day too!2
Kate 5Good size and easy to put together, however residual water drains out onto the kitchen surface. Not so good when that surface is made of wood. Would have been better to have an integral draining tray underneath.3
Let’s of space for dishesKeda83I need a new dish drainer and decided on this one as I liked the look of it. It has a lot of slots for plates and underneath is space for glasses and cups. It was also very easy to assemble.5
Best drying rack everBriBroWhat a great design!!! At first I was a little concerned about drying tall items on it for example baking sheets roasting tins and so on but this was quickly dismissed as you just stack them up on the top. One thing I hadn’t considered but it came as a welcomed extra was that you can hang your dish cloth over either end to dry, 100 times better than hanging it over your kitchen taps.5
very practical dish drainerCarl FEasy to assemble, very practical and fits well in the kitchen5
PerfectFfazzDoes what it needs to do.5
Perfect sink tidyJoe 61My wife got it and she loves it5
IKEA plates cannot stand on the drainer.PhyleasThe drainer is perfect for other brand plates but IKEA plate, especially the cereal bowls and the curved dishes fall out when placed to dry. I am currently looking for another that can stand the plates.3
dish draiersamuel12still doing exactly what it was made for draining dishes5
Stylish drainerWrinklie70I like the quality of this drainer but I find the plate shelf doesn't hold the plates deep enough. Its fine for cups and smaller things though.4
Choose the other smaller black oneMarthameBit too cumbersome but does the job.2
Very durableNetty24Very easy to assemble. Could be better if there was a place to put cutlery.4
Design a disasterDr PatIKEA is supposed to represent innovative design: This item has sacrificed top dish/plate rack-space for a very wide open lower section. Result., large [heavier] cook/tableware is unstable on top as the spacing between bars is so limited. Thus, if you only use tiny plates [for the rack] and very large cups for the lower section, this item will suffice: but for normal, varied-items kitchen usage - this is so far below IKEA's usual [expected !] standards. This will be dismantled and re-cycled. The BESTAENDE [I've had two] is a much better solid, smaller option but you'll only get two years before rust and paint chips set in.1

Dish drainer, stainless steel50x27x36 cm

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ORDNING Dish drainer, stainless steel, 50x27x36 cm