METOD Wall cabinet horizontal, white/Voxtorp high-gloss/white, 80x40 cm

Product details

Cabinet code ME 344Door lift with catch for gentle closing included.Sturdy frame construction, 18 mm thick.Different wall materials require different types of fixing devices. Use fixing devices suitable for the walls in your home, sold separately.The hinge is adjustable in height, depth and width.Designer

H Preutz/W Braasch/IKEA of Sweden

Product size

80.0 cm
38.6 cm
40.0 cm


How to fix it ( them ) to the wall?Richard BartramOk assembly is straight forward . The instructions for the door a bit less sober I got that done but the instructions for fitting them to a wall, and they are wall cabinets, are impenetrable. There are three bits one slides one turns and the other I had no idea and I was going nowhere . There seemed to be some kind of rail I was supposed to use. No rail in the box. So I googled . Joy ! youtube vids. I needed a blinking hanging bar thing. So I have 5 not wall cabinets but 5 floor cabinets until £22 worth of hanging bar arrives delivery £29 . I brought a rug, The website said do you want to buy some underlay. Could Ikea not when you add wall cabinets to your basket suggest the bit that you need to hang them on an actual wall. The cabinets themselves are ok . I have to say they look good ( on the floor right now ) The door is good. They are very heavy which means the instructions for fitting them are crucial.1
Small microwave fitted perfectly!Jayne24I wanted my microwave to be hidden away from sight to go with rest of kitchen. This cupboard is perfect and lift up door is out of the way when cooking.5
METOD Wall cabinet horizontal, white/Voxtorp high-gloss/white, 80x40 cm