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Price £ 4/4 pack

25 year guarantee

How to get it

A tip for less cleaning; mount the legs onto METOD kitchen cabinets and hide them behind a plinth so you won’t have to clean under the cabinets. One more thing – the legs make the cabinets stable too.

Article Number402.055.99

Product details

Stands steady on uneven floors because it has adjustable feet.

25 year guarantee. Read about the terms in the guarantee brochure.


IKEA of Sweden

  • Material
    Polyamide plastic, Polystyrene plastic, Polypropylene plastic, Polypropylene plastic

    Wipe dry with a clean cloth.

    Wipe clean with a soft cloth dampened in water and a mild non-abrasive washing-up detergent or soap, if necessary.

  • Assembly instructionsMETOD Leg402.055.99
    Other documentsMETOD Leg402.055.99

Weight & measurements

Height: 8 cm

Diameter: 5 cm

Min. height: 7 cm

Max. height: 10.5 cm

Max. load/leg: 125 kg

Package quantity: 4 pack

  • METODArticle Number402.055.99

    Width: 19 cm

    Height: 4 cm

    Length: 22 cm

    Weight: 0.34 kg

    Package(s): 1


Like to breakVerified ReviewerWe wondered why the kitchen team ordered so many of these, we ordered almost double what should have been needed, we used them all, they broke so quickly during installation 2
Useless. Redesign desperately needed.Verified ReviewerAs others have noted, the point where the legs slot into the fixing bracket is extremely weak and any pressure front to back will cause them to snap off. When lifting the cabinet into an upright position, or slotting the cabinet into place, it's nigh on impossible to avoid this. I was fitting a cabinet which needed to be cut at the back to fit over a run of pipes, which meant I had to offer it up to mark the cuts, take it out and lie it on its front to make the cuts, then right it and put it back again. The legs stood no chance. Unless you can find an alternative from another supplier, I strongly recommend buying at least 2 sets per cabinet to avoid going back and forth to the store.1
Useless and flimsyVerified ReviewerShould have listened to other reviews.... Soon as I stood unit up on the legs 2 snapped, 2 pinged off ( they slot in rather than screw on like the old ones were). I now have 2 old sandwich tins, holding up a larder unit :(1
Cheap and uselessVerified ReviewerFeet didn't last 5mins. Have to remove unit from the wall and then the legs just broke so I need to replace and it's not even one month. Too cheap and need to be made to better quality.1
Not fit for purpose. Shame there is no alternative.Verified ReviewerThe installation instructions are clear that these legs can break, but despite being very careful to keep cabinets upright I still had a couple of legs snap. The design is very poor and the material is cheap plastic (not nylon) so I used plastic adhesive to glue the leg into the slot in the leg bracket and that gave the leg much needed support. Having glued these 2 components together the remaining legs were a lot stronger and I had no further breakages. I'd recommend applying a good glue when pushing the leg section into the cabinet base bracket and leave it to harden before fixing the legs on the units.1
worst leg design everVerified Reviewerimpossible to lift kitchen unit upright with out breaking or dislodging the legs, shame as rest of the kitchen is great quality1
Flimsy plastic at the top breaks easilyVerified ReviewerThe leg design is pretty poor. The plastic at the top of the legs snaps very easily. There are even pictures telling you to take care. We still managed to snap a fair few legs even being careful. They are easy to adjust and they do make the cupboards more stable.1
Plastic toll weak, not ideal for heavy weight such as cabinet standVerified ReviewerThe plastic is weak and impractical to support the weight of the cabinets. I had to use it to hold the plinth in place. Otherwise, I would want to bin them.1
IKEA JUST NOT LISTENING ?Verified ReviewerJust purchased tall cabinet, plastic flimsy legs, just not suitable for the weight of this item. As per previous reviews…IKEA need to change the legs for heavy items…..how many times can we say it ? Really annoyed. Cabinets now at floor level. Waste of plinths too ! Very disappointing.1
Legs not suitableVerified ReviewerThe legs are not suitable. Whilst they did not break on installation they could not hold the weight of the cupboard once groceries were in. The broke causing the cupboard to pull out of the wall and fall and break. Ended up with broken cupboard and groceries on the floor. This is 2 years after installation. Now having to buy again. Should last more than 2 years!3
Very flimsy, not up to Ikea's usual qualityVerified ReviewerThree of these legs broke, when lifting the cabinet into place, even though we carefully followed the instructions not to lean/push the unit. Not up to holding the weight of the 2m high cabinet they are sold to go with.1
Bad productVerified ReviewerThree of the legs have broken so far. Two people putting the unit into place as instructed and they still broke. They are not of the same quality as the old ones from ikea . Had no problems like this with my last ikea kitchen. Very disappointed.1
they snap under the slightest pressureVerified Reviewerthey snap under the slightest pressure1
Not fit for purposeVerified ReviewerI should have read the previous reviews! They are flimsy, especially when you expand them. The plastic is brittle and the slightest knock snaps the connecting plastic. There are only 2 plastic dowels that connect them to the underside of the cabinet, the other 2 are much shorter and serve no purpose that I can see. We snapped 3 trying to lift a large fridge cabinet - how Ikea think you can lift a 2+m tall cabinet and place it perfectly without touching the feet is beyond me. And my husband is 6'4! Waste of money.1
Easily brokenVerified ReviewerLike other reviewers, very disappointed with these. I moved a cabinet a fraction of an inch and one of the legs broke. Now have to go out of my way to visit a store to pick one up as we are one tight timeline with my kitchen fitting. This is very inconvenient and comes at the end of a series of bad experiences with Ikea.2
IKEA should be ashamed of themselvesVerified ReviewerLegs snapped off while pushing the unit literally 1cm into place. The packaging they come in is stronger than the legs, and that’s made out of cardboard.1
Awful.Verified ReviewerAwful product. How can a cabinet this heavy and expensive be expected to be finished with cheap plastic feet which easily break. There should be an option for a more sturdy alternative given the cost of the cabinet.1
legs for metodVerified ReviewerReally easy to adjust etc. a wee bit flimsy if get the lifting wrong but all told pretty good.3
Flimsy rubbishVerified ReviewerTerrible! Really flimsy. When (not if) they break then they leave sharp fragments. Don't even think that you can slightly move the units when fitting. Dont waste your money1
Not fit for purposeVerified ReviewerFlimsy dont purchase waste of money and time sorting replacements.1

A kitchen that took us around the world

Whatever your dream kitchen is, it’s probably different from many other people’s dreams. This we learned when researching kitchen desires around the globe. Our conclusion for the METOD kitchen system: it should make it possible to design the best kitchen for you – whatever your preferences and living situation.

Our ambition is to help as many as possible to have a kitchen they'd love to be in. We started sketching. “When we created METOD, it was our biggest ever kitchen change, so it's fair to say we were very keen to get it right,” says technician Klas-Ola Nilsson.

Research from around the world

So, what would people’s dream kitchen be like? We surveyed thousands of people, visited hundreds of homes and worked with food industry professionals. “We found if there's one thing in common with kitchens around the world it's that they're different.” Klas-Ola says. “For as many people who dream of an open space kitchen, there are people with a small space, or a space that cannot be changed that much.”

From research to result

One element became blindingly important. “We realized we needed a kitchen system that could adapt to different sized spaces in a way that hadn't been done before,” Klas-Ola says. “So, we developed cabinets that could fit almost anywhere.” Different sizes can be mixed to best fit the room and they'll still fit together – without odd ends. The clever inside can be personalized to support your kitchen needs and activities, too.

Ready for the future

An adaptable kitchen fits better with how you like to cook, both now and in the future. Whether you start craving a more professional kitchen, or just want to start using it for more activities, we would love METOD to help out. “There's nothing to say that METOD is set and fixed now,” Klas-Ola says. “People’s ideas on what a dream kitchen should do is always evolving. To meet future needs, METOD will evolve, too.”

Function solution

Building blocks for the kitchen

METOD frames provide the base for your new kitchen. Choose between base cabinets, wall cabinets and high cabinets in many different widths. Wall cabinets and high cabinets also come in different heights. If you want to use a corner, choose a corner base cabinet with a carousel that makes it easy to reach what's inside. There are even special frames for a built-in single or double oven. Perfect if you want to have the oven at a comfortable working height. Complement with practical UTRUSTA and VARIERA interior fittings.