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MATCHSPEL Gaming chair, Bomstad black

MATCHSPEL Gaming chair, Bomstad black

Price £ 150

3 year guarantee

MATCHSPEL Gaming chair, Bomstad black
MATCHSPEL Gaming chair, Bomstad light grey
MATCHSPEL Gaming chair, Bomstad white

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MATCHSPEL gaming chair helps you play at the top of your game. The whole body enjoys nice support and you can adjust the height of the chair, neck and armrests to sit really comfy when the game begins.

Article Number205.076.06

Product details

3 year guarantee. Read about the terms in the guarantee brochure.

The synchronised seat and back tilt follows your body movements and adjusts the chair to the correct position.

The adjustable and lockable tilt function increases stability and control in different sitting positions.

The design of the high backrest gives your body, neck and head a sturdy and comfortable support.

Your back gets support and extra relief from the built-in lumbar support.

The mesh material of the backrest lets air through, which is extra nice when a match drags on.

You can easily turn and adjust the height of the headrest to give your neck a nice support when playing – and when you want to relax between matches.

The armrests follow your movements and can be adjusted in height, which reduces strain on your arms and shoulders.

You sit comfortably since the chair is adjustable in height.

The seat’s leather-like upholstery is durable and easy to wipe clean.

High-quality density foam will keep the chair comfortable for many years to come.

The gaming chair's stable carbon steel frame and plywood last for many and long matches.

The safety castors have a pressure-sensitive brake mechanism that keeps the chair in place when you stand up, and releases automatically when you sit down.

The castors are rubber coated to run smoothly on any type of floor.


Jon Karlsson

Weight & measurements

Depth: 66 cm

Max. height: 132 cm

Max. seat height: 59 cm

Min. seat height: 47 cm

Seat depth: 48 cm

Seat width: 54 cm

Tested for: 110 kg

Width: 66 cm


The mesh becomes looseVerified ReviewerIf you are someone that leans back into your chair then this chair will not support you after a few months. When the mesh starts to fail and become loose it no longer protects your back from the metal support which makes it very uncomfortable. I was impressed at first but the mesh losing its support makes the chair horrible to use.1
Brilliant ergonomic chair to help with back painVerified Revieweri bought this for my home office and gaming area when i was first diagnosed with fibromyalgia nearly two years ago. the back tilt can be strange to get used to if you havent had it on a chair before but i highly recommend it. it has done wonders for my back pain and is often the only chair i can mange to sit on pain free5
Comfortable chairVerified ReviewerBought it for the home office and a big upgrade from a dining table chair. The lock mechanism on the wheel means it’s hard to move around, especially on carpet, but otherwise no complaints so far.4
terrible product for consistency in gamingVerified Reviewerit was pretty good for a while and looks nice, but after a while it feels like you're basically trying to balance your body on a pole. keeps tilting to some angle and the seat wears down very fast. cant recommend, buy some other ergonomic chair1
Excellent supportVerified ReviewerGot this for my son as a gaming chair. It's very sturdy and structured providing fantastic support. The colour way with the accent is really nice too.5
Not white at allVerified ReviewerIt’s a grey/ yellow colour and definitely not white- will be returning it. Disappointed.1
Good chair at first, but the mesh is terribleVerified ReviewerHad the chair a year now, the cushion has completely flattened out and the mesh on the back has stretched so much that my lower back now touches the metal bar. Struggled to find the cause of my back pain for a while and noticed this. Also the seat has a incline forward so you can't sit on the actual back of the seat, making it difficult to sit correctly against the lumbar support.1
Very comfortable.Verified ReviewerVery comfortable.4
Avoid, terrible quality and serviceVerified ReviewerBase of the seat not level and wheels do not spin. Took it back to IKEA lakeside and they said it was okay and just the way I assembled it. Rubbish quality so Please avoid1
It's a desk chair, better than mostVerified Reviewerhave been using it for almost 3 months every day. It's in almost perfect condition. I wish personally that the armrest would come up a bit more and that I could pull the seat foward. But other than that it is quite a good chair. Can't find better for the price.4
Looks great, painful to sit inVerified ReviewerUnfortunately, I haven't had a great time with this chair. Had it for 2 months, I started getting arm pain, thought nothing of it, I now have a noticeable spasm in my right arm and hand. I've made all the adjustments I can but it just makes it worse. Not sure what I can do :-(1
It hurts my back!!Verified ReviewerAfter five months of using it, I noticed that my back was very sore. Not sure if there was a problem with the way I had it fitted but it did cause me health problems.1
Really comfortableVerified ReviewerI find the chair really comfortable as it provides excellent support for when I am working on the computer.5
Good but won’t lean backVerified ReviewerI bought this chair about a week ago and I’ve enjoyed using it since it’s comfortable and easy to assemble but the mechanism that allows you to lean back has stopped working, it’s locked in the lean back position, I’ve tried to take about the chair but the I can’t reach the mechanism3
Chair is good but armrest is badVerified ReviewerI have just bought the chair recently and I am trying it out. I have only had this chair for around a day. Pros - Construction was easy - Chair is comfortable - Love the tilt lock Cons - Arm rest are terrible (its too narrow and slight sloped resulting in your arms constantly slipping off)4
Excellent supportVerified ReviewerGot this for my son as a gaming chair. It's very sturdy and structured providing fantastic support. The colour way with the accent is really nice too.5
Decent chair, major flaw for me thoughVerified ReviewerI've used the chair daily for around 3 months and am finding it fairly average. The headrest is nice to sit back against watching videos, the arm rests are ok and the base is nice and wide so I can lift a foot up under my other leg easily. I'm not as keen on is the base not tilting back, its just the back rest but I can live with that. Also the locking wheels are HORRIBLE The 1 major flaw that is becoming apparent is the mesh back rest seems to of stretched and I am finding my spine is starting to come into contact with the metal support at the back, it's becoming increasingly uncomfortable and I can only assume it's going to get worse.. Maybe its something they will rectify or I have a defective chair..2
Seatbase is too thin and softVerified ReviewerSeat is not bad but it has a major flaw, the seat cushion is far too thin and soft and after a couple months use its as flat as a pancake and no longer provides any comfort to your bum. So i would not recommend it.2
Loved itVerified ReviewerAmazing chair. Quite comfy back. Surprisingly good for the price tag.5
Loved itVerified ReviewerAmazing chair. Quite comfy back. Surprisingly good for the price tag.5

Designer thoughts

Designer thoughts

“The mesh in the neck support and back of MATCHSPEL gaming chair creates a visually lighter and transparent expression while it breathes and adapts to your body. The chair, neck support and armrests can also be adjusted in height so that you can sit really comfortably and perform at the top of your game when the action starts.”

Designer Jon Karlsson