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LABBSAL Basket, handmade water hyacinth,

Price £ 15

How to get it

Organise and store your things with a little help from nature. This basket is handmade from water hyacinth – a natural material that ages beautifully and spreads a calm, warm feeling in your home.

Article Number805.007.96

Product details

Skilled craftspeople have woven the basket by hand, so each basket is one of a kind.

The felt pads underneath protect the surface below against scratches.

Just as practical and decorative in the bedroom as at the office – and fits perfectly in KALLAX shelving unit.

Easy to pull out, lift and carry since the basket has sturdy handles.

This braided basket is made of water hyacinth – a fast-growing tropical plant that is harvested to help keep waterways free and maintain the natural flow of water.

Let nature help you store things that you want close at hand, but not always visible.


IKEA of Sweden

Weight & measurements

Width: 32 cm

Depth: 34 cm

Height: 32 cm


MouldVerified ReviewerWe bought these for a project which has had to wait for a few months. Finally went to put them together and they are all covered in fluffy green mould. These have been kept in a well ventilated area on a room in which fabric is stored and unaffected. Having read some reviews now I see it’s a common problem. Really disappointed as they are pricey.1
Mouldy after 1 monthVerified ReviewerThese look amazing, and were everything we hoped for. However, after a month of owning 4 boxes, we also have mould growing on the inside and outside. They are in an area that is well ventilated so we are extremely disappointed. I now realise this is a frequent issue with these baskets and wish I had read the reviews first as they weren’t cheap!1
Mould - beware!Verified ReviewerAs others have said, only had the boxes a few months to find them covered in thick mould. Not happy at all seeing that this is where our toddlers toys are stored which is pretty gross and concerning. They aren’t cheap either! I wish I’d read the reviews before purchasing. Avoid!1
MouldVerified ReviewerOnly had these a couple of months for my baby’s room and pulled them out to notice they are covered in mould they look nice and are good but I would not recommend, if I wouldn’t of pulled the basket out I would of never noticed the layer of mould covering the back of these and it’s not anywhere else in the room or anything that could be the issue1
MouldyVerified ReviewerNot had these long but seem to create mould.1
Horrible constructive designVerified ReviewerCome on Ikea, screwdriver and screws for this box? The design is nice but the construction-design is insane. You need to fix 8 screw per box, there are no wholes, and the box is not that big and you need one more person to hold the parts, unless you want to get crazy with screw splitting of your fingers. I have been working in the furniture manufacture and this is just insane. Did you do that to save some money?1
Great storage unitVerified ReviewerIdea storage unit and baskets/drawers some fiddly bits to put together but looks great4
Just like illustrated; easy toVerified ReviewerJust like illustrated; easy to assembly5
Used for shoes in theVerified ReviewerUsed for shoes in the entrance. Added to an existing console table. Looks great5
Mouldy within the monthVerified ReviewerWe purchased four of these at the end of august and now they’re all covered in a layer of mould inside and out. It’s been a month and they’ve only got things like our spare wires in them. I can’t be scrubbing out my storage boxes every month.1
Look great, fiddly and unconvincing to assembleVerified ReviewerI live on my own, and am good at DIY.... King size IKEA bed? assembled in 20 mins on my own, Kallax 5x5? very easy 20 min solo job....Labbsal wicker basket? Utter nightmare! Even with a DRILL some of the screws struggled to go in, it's tricky to hold at the correct angle when you're putting in the brackets by yourself and I'm not convinced they'll hold much weight for long. These look beautiful, but are very flawed in their design.2
Great boxesVerified ReviewerI was initially worried after buying these and then reading the reviews about difficult assembly. I didn't find it an issue, straightforward to screw into place, about 5mins per box. They look great now and are quite study4
Love these storage basket. GiveVerified ReviewerLove these storage basket. Give a very “classy” look to my kallax storage units in my lounge. Fit nicely with all my furniture. Would definitely recommend.5
Storage BasketVerified ReviewerPricey for a basket but seems sturdy and worth the money.5
PerfectVerified ReviewerPerfect5
Good jobVerified ReviewerGood job for that I needed5
Absolute ball ache to put togetherVerified ReviewerIs the screw in? YES! No...no..NOOO!!! 30 Mins (and much cussing) to assemble one, yes one kallax box. I can't even face the other ones.3
A step backwards.Verified ReviewerPrevious assembly method of this type of basket was to arrange as a rectangle and push the base in, job done! Design now changed to assembly of 4 metal brackets and 8 screws. Was this really necessary? Of course not, a complete waste of time and materials. Looks nice but would not buy again.2
LabbsalVerified ReviewerFiddly to put together but once done box is sturdy and attractive.5
Sturdy BoxesVerified ReviewerWe bought these to replace some cloth ones that were purchased six years ago and were intended to match some other rattan ones that were as old. Unfortunately they are not a total match but do the job.5

SustainabilityPeople and planet

Energy and resources

Organize your home and help keep waterways free!

Water hyacinth is a beautiful and fast growing plant that unfortunately clogs the waterways where it grows. The dried stalks can be used to weave baskets, bowls and plant pots. This helps to naturally control its growth and create a better water flow, plus you can organize your home with beautiful objects made from nature.


What is water hyacinth?

Water hyacinth is a free-floating plant that spreads quickly in tropical waterways. When covering the surface completely, it blocks out sunlight which disrupts biodiversity. Also, local communities suffer as transportation routes are clogged. When harvested, biodiversity is restored and waterways are kept open. The plant itself becomes a resource too. The stalks make a flexible material that can be woven or braided into unique baskets, mats and other home furnishings.