KLOCKIS Clock/thermometer/alarm/timer, white
KLOCKIS Clock/thermometer/alarm/timer, white
KLOCKIS Clock/thermometer/alarm/timer, white
KLOCKIS Clock/thermometer/alarm/timer, white
KLOCKIS Clock/thermometer/alarm/timer, white

Each side of the clock performs different functions. Just flip it for time/date, alarm, temperature or timer. It doesn’t take up a lot of space and it’s simple to use – even while half-asleep in bed.

Article Number802.770.04

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It’s quick and easy to switch between 4 functions – time and date, temperature, timer, and countdown – just by turning the clock to a new side.Batteries are sold separately; 2 pcs LR03 AAA 1.5V required.
Article Number802.770.04

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7 cm
3 cm
7 cm


sarah6Really useful in the kitchen. I like that it remembers the last used timespan so I can just flip it to timer and not have to set it. The beep is loud when you turn it though. Easy to set it up and I like the lights but they don’t stay on long.5
great little gadgetFunkyducI picked up a normal clock first, then when I got further round the store, I saw these. It was the lighting up that caught my attention, and then then the functions! I love it!5
Nice ideaLondylouLove the size,shape and the facilities on this little clock. But, the clock doesn’t stay illuminated, it has to be turned over to turn the backlight on. Not much use during the night. So,if you just mainly want the clock it’s probably not for you.3
Smashing little clockAunty andreaUse this at my craft desk , lots of functions I wasn’t expecting5
bedside clockgoodersBought this bedside clock because it lights up to show the time at night but the beeps it makes each time can be a bit annoying. The cube clocks has 4 different settings: clock, temperature, alarm & timer, so need to be careful when u pick it up quickly because if u turn it slightly the setting changes & can cause confusion especially if u r half asleep. plus the beeps on each turn can drive u mad!3
Awkward, noisy and inaccurateTomHKMy wife bought this for me as a backup alarm clock. The first problem is that my clocks and watches are all set either to a Stratum 1 time server or to a GPS-disciplined master clock. This thing simply cannot be set accurately. Maybe there is a trick to getting the time right to within a second, but if there is then it certainly isn't obvious. This simply means that I will not set the alarm on this clock as it will (currently) be fifteen seconds off the true time and I will more likely than not already be out of bed and half way across the room when this 'backup' alarm goes off. Then there's the fact that only one alarm can be set and that alarm has to be for every day of the week. Don't want to wake up at 5.20 on Saturday morning? Then you have to remember to turn it off on Friday night. And then remember to turn it on again on Sunday night. Why would anyone bother in this day and age? The thermometer is next to useless. I live in a house with central heating and air conditioning. The temperature is always whatever I have set it to be. And if, one day, it does seem to be a bit chilly, then why would I need a thermometer to tell me that? I suppose if this was kept in the kitchen then the inaccuracy wouldn't matter so much and the timer might actually have a use, but as with the time and the alarm, the timer is not exactly easy to set, by modern standards. I am so used, now, to just telling whichever machine is listening to set a timer, that actually having to programme one manually seems very 20th century. Perhaps I am being too harsh on this clock. Time will tell.1
KlockisVivian43Very disappointed in the clock and I will be taking it back to your shop in Reading I find it difficult to read, the dial is very dull.1
Perfect timerDenise55Love this item. Use it mainly as a cooking timer but keep it on display as a kitchen clock. Has lots of use it’s a very handy portable size. Had one for years but dropped it so purchased another immediately as couldn’t live without it. Reasonable price too good vale for money.5
Neat useful clockJAM61Happy husband - he can monitor the temperature, set the alarm for his next meds, know the time for lunch - from his man cave in the garden! Not used the timer yet, but I'm sure he'll find a use for it! Bought as a replacement for one he gave to a small child who was thrilled with so many functions.5
Got one in every roomDougyWorks great have one in every room they are very accurate and a great price5
ClockOmizzeThis is absolutely waste of money1
If only it wasnt so loud!FionapThis item was almost perfect for a baby room. Room temperature? Check! Clock for when you have no idea what time it is cause you're so tired? Check! Light so you can see these things in the dark without waking up the baby? Check check! But when you change the function there is the most irritating beep that is bound to wake up the dead.1
KlockisViv 22Very good clock, 4 functions. Shame it only lights up when you turn the clock. Difficult to see the time when it doesn’t lights up and makes a noise.4
Clock etcNettie50Absolutely love this little clock/thermometer/alarm. I have three!5
KeetaMy small son bought this and he absolutely loves it.5
Excellent20lucyExcellent clock but every time you move the clock it beeps which does get annoying.5
No light to check timeAlas its aliasClever little alarm clock but you can't click a button quickly to check the time in the dark, also the screen is really dark so you need to have it very close to a lamp to see the time. The digits of the clock are low down so it needs to be high up if you want to check the time if you are getting ready for work you'll have to keep picking it up to check.2
Probably more complicated than nessacerySinead52It's likely I will still use my phone for all these functions, it's more complicated than I need and it's not guick enough to move from one function to another3
Very practicalKaren 1970Using it in our bathroom . Can be used as timer for brushing teeth and great for keeping an eye on time when getting ready for work5
Love itO T I SPerfect in every sense. A timeless piece of IKEA design (no pun intended).5

Clock/thermometer/alarm/timer, white

Batteries are sold separately; 2 pcs LR03 AAA 1.5V required.
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KLOCKIS Clock/thermometer/alarm/timer, white