IVRIG Glass, clear glass, 45 cl
IVRIG Glass, clear glass, 45 cl
IVRIG Glass, clear glass, 45 cl

The squared bowl gives IVRIG series its special character. Durable and dishwasher-safe, adding a touch of luxury to the everyday meal and just as appreciated for the more special celebrations.


Product details

The glass has a large round bowl which allows you to also use it as a red wine glass without a foot, as the shape helps the aromas and flavours of the wine to develop better.These glasses are not designed to be stacked.Wash this product before using it for the first time.Designer

Ola Wihlborg

  • Glass
  • No cadmium or lead added.The material in this product may be recyclable. Please check the recycling rules in your community and if recycling facilities exist in your area.
  • IVRIGGlassArticle no.:502.583.23
    Length: 11 cmWeight: 0.18 kgDiameter: 9 cmPackage(s): 1

Product size

11 cm
45 cl


GreatVerified BuyerI love these glass the shape is great and the price is even better .5
Great shaped glass and great priceGintime101Great gin glass and great price5
Perfect glassJojokPerfect size perfect price well balanced and dishwasher friendly5
Lovely glassesRomans101Lovely glasses, look really smart and perfect for any occasion. Best thing is, will basically fit a can of beer (440ml)!5
Love these glassesIamNadsLovely glasses! Look great, feel great5
Great qualityVick123perfect size glass which is used for many beverages and is great value for money5
Beautiful GlassesLondonTrishPROS: Lovely glasses that were chosen as I don't have a lot of kitchen space & I rarely drink wine so I wasn't intending to buy wine glasses. So it's great that these double up as normal tumblers & proper wine glasses. Also, they hold more than I expected. I measured this with a high ball tumbler & a measuring cup before I ordered. CONS: I bought 8 online but 2 arrived already broken. I was concerned about breakages during transit & tried to order the 4 packs for this very reason but the 4 packs were sold out online (& also in my closest store).4
Lovely shapeHarris 1Lovely shape. A 'classy' glass.4
Very good glassKiwi NZ 2019Nice to drink out of and nice shape5
Great Gin & Tonic GlassPoppy1944A great fine glass for gin & tonic with ice5
Great ideaRosebud1970Any lady with a larger bustline will know how difficult it can be to drink out of a stemmed wine glass!! This stemless version is the perfect replacement, I’m loving it....5
Gorgeous glassesSmartsimThey are stunning and affordable. Such a shame they do not come in any packaging for you to take them home in. I purchased 6 and carried them to the till in a yellow bag and then had to purchase a 50p blue bag in order to transport them to the car and then home. Miraculously there were no breakages but it was hit and miss.4
The perfect glassKLBrownThis has to be my favourite glass5
Carly23Perfect glass with a perfect price5
Marty Hgreat price and style for everyday use5
Difficult to hold.Shazzamarazza01I like the shape of these glasses, that’s why I bought them. It was when I came to use one that I discovered I could n’t comfortably hold one. I have dexterity problems and these glasses are too wide.3
Excellent sizeNot sure sorry.A great shape, and stackable in small corners.5
Excellent valueJonnyBasic glass tumbler that's really good for whisky as the shape allows an ice sphere to fit comfortably.4
CountrymanGood size for most drinks. Feels comfortable to hold even when full.5
Lovely glassesA beautiful design, worthy of a much more expensive glass.5

Designer thoughts

"When I designed the IVRIG series I wanted to make wine glasses with character. The squared bowl and the wide foot make them stand out and give them an extra design touch. But the glasses don't only have a distinctive design, they're also practical and durable - and can be washed in the dishwasher. That makes the series perfect both for everyday use and special occasions."

Glass, clear glass45 cl

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IVRIG Glass, clear glass, 45 cl