GLIMMA Unscented tealight
GLIMMA Unscented tealight
GLIMMA Unscented tealight
GLIMMA Unscented tealight
GLIMMA Unscented tealight

The glow from candles can add atmosphere to any moment – they can light up dark mornings, make a one-on-one dinner more romantic or make a room feel warmer and more inviting.


Product details

Never leave a burning candle unattended.Do not burn candles near any flammable materials.
  • Candle:plant based wax, paraffin wax
  • The material in this product may be recyclable. Please check the recycling rules in your community and if recycling facilities exist in your area.
  • GLIMMAUnscented tealightArticle no.:500.979.95
    Width: 20 cmHeight: 6 cmLength: 20 cmWeight: 1.33 kgPackage(s): 1

Product size

38 mm
Burning time: 
4 hr
Package quantity: 
100 pack


Tea lightsVerified BuyerGreat size pack if you use loads of tea light candles None fragrance great burn time5
100 tea lights.Verified BuyerReally good burners. Not a bad price but could be a tad cheaper. Good for multiple presents.4
Long lasting value for moneyVerified BuyerLong lasting value for money5
Burn for 4 hours likeVerified BuyerBurn for 4 hours like it says on the wrapper5
ExcellentVerified BuyerAlways burn right out. Great value. Always pick these up.5
Very good valueVerified BuyerVery good value5
Glimma tealights - absolutely brilliant.Verified BuyerGlimma tealights - absolutely brilliant. Best tealights ever, last for four hours plus. Keep making them the same as now.5
Doubled in price!Laura_s1975Have always bought these tea lights, as they were always the best value for money, until my recent trip to Ikea, where I discovered that they have doubled in price!! The alternative is to buy the smaller ones that last half as long for what the previous price was.i will not be buying them from Ikea again.1
Kyawswar24Perfect for dinner .Never stop.5
Great quality tealightsVikingPrincessQuite a long burning time, a bit longer than it says on the pack, good quality, love them!5
CandlesTealightThe best tea lights I’ve ever bought, long lasting and no smell.5
Mrs 123Love all ikea candles and stock up as much as I can.5
Cheap and good burning timeLouise1401I always get these tealights when visiting Ikea. They're such good value and perfect for using with wax burners.5
Not badQ LaineDaily use tea light candles. They are ok.4
Best tea lights!Snoopy 71These tea lights are great. Last longer than most and are a really good price!5
TealightsTraceyRileyGreat value and last well5
Different quality tea lightsTealight expertI have been buying Ikea tea lights now for many years and usually recommend that they are the best you can buy. Unfortunately the last batch (batch number 15747) were not to their usual standard. There was an excess of candle wax bits, the wick was shorter and the burning time was less. The ones with batch number 22118 are of a much better quality.2
Candlelabra LightsJaynee 1Lasts long enough for an evening Reasonably price for the package5
Not as good as they used to beETB1I don't know what has changed with these tealights. It's great that you get so many in a pack and that they should burn for longer than most of the cheaper ones. However, they now don't seem to burn efficiently and a lot of wax is left so no longer value for money. I don't like the idea of such waste.2
PoorMikey2020Not overly impressed with these tea lights. They never burn all the wax and you’re always left with anywhere between 10-20% once the candle burns out.2

Candles make a difference

Candles have a remarkable effect on a room, creating ever-shifting patterns of light and shadow. The warm candlelight can comfort you, help you to relax, brighten up your early mornings, bring in romance to your intimate dinner or create an exciting party feeling. In fact, it can highlight all kind of moments in life. Regardless if you choose to lighten a small or a big candle, a block candle or a tea light, you will notice the difference.

Unscented tealight

£3/ 100 pack
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GLIMMA Unscented tealight


£3/ 100 pack