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FREDDE Desk, black, 185x74x146 cm
FREDDE Desk, black, 185x74x146 cm
FREDDE Desk, black, 185x74x146 cm
FREDDE Desk, black, 185x74x146 cm
FREDDE Desk, black, 185x74x146 cm
FREDDE Desk, black, 185x74x146 cm
FREDDE Desk, black, 185x74x146 cm
FREDDE Desk, black, 185x74x146 cm

How do you make the perfect gaming station? That's what we set out to do with FREDDE desk by researching competitive gaming and enlisting a gamer designer of our own.

Article Number502.190.44

Product details

The workstation is extra comfortable to work at, because the contoured table top allows you to sit close and supports your wrists and forearms.Keep your coffee, beverage or snacks nearby in the cut-out cup holders on either side of the table top. The cup holders are made of plastic that is approved for use with food.Hang the small shelves inside or outside the side panels, depending on your needs.You can fit a 32" computer monitor or TV by removing the shelf above the table top.The high side panels help block sunlight and prevent distracting glare on your computer monitor.May be completed with SIGNUM cable trunking to keep all cords in place.Measure the depth and width of your stationary computer. The measurements should be less than those of the shelf.Holds up to two 24" flat screens.Designer

David Wahl

  • Frame/ Support:Steel, Epoxy/polyester powder coating
    Table top:Particleboard, Melamine foil, Plastic edging
    Pocket:Plastic edging
    Back panel:Particleboard, Melamine foil, Paper foil
    Side panel/ Shelf:Particleboard, Melamine foil, Plastic edging, Paper foil
    Wipe clean with a damp cloth.Check regularly that all assembly fastenings are properly tightened and retighten when necessary.
  • This product comes as 2 packages.
    FREDDEDeskArticle no.:502.190.44This product has multiple packages.
    Width: 84 cmHeight: 5 cmLength: 153 cmWeight: 26.50 kgPackage(s): 1
    Width: 84 cmHeight: 5 cmLength: 153 cmWeight: 27.70 kgPackage(s): 1
  • Assembly instructionsFREDDE Desk502.190.44

Product size

Min. width: 
140 cm
Max. width: 
185 cm
74 cm
146 cm


Great item and looks amazingVerified BuyerGreat item and looks amazing5
Great Gaming DeskVerified BuyerBoth my teenage sons bought these for gaming. Apparently they’re excellent desks for this purpose :-)5
This desk is massive, butVerified BuyerThis desk is massive, but real value for money and more than I needed to create an office space for maximum efficiency.5
Gaming deskVerified BuyerGreat desk.needed for work and gaming.Perfect in every way.5
Perfect for gaming. Instructions okVerified BuyerPerfect for gaming. Instructions ok could be better5
Assembly instructions could be clearer.Verified BuyerAssembly instructions could be clearer.4
PerfectVerified BuyerPerfect5
Great DeskVerified BuyerMy son said it could do with a couple more cable holes along the back of the desk top for cable from keyboard etc. Overall extremely good and very pleased.4
Excellent Gaming workstationKazza 1964Super easy to put together! Very Good quality. Exceeds expectation.5
Perfect for gamersEmmatoesiesMy son loves this desk. It’s massive when built and looks very cool for a gamer. Downside. For an ikea product, the instructions weren’t that clear and some of the parts are tricky to put together. Overall very sturdy.4
Fiona52This desk is ideal for someone who loves computers! It's well built, easy to assemble, and includes little extras that take the gaming experience onto another level. It also looks stunning! Very pleased!!5
SkyladawnBought this desk for my teenage sons, they helped to build it so that should say how easy it was to build, it looks good and is really functional my boys and myself are very happy with it5
FYI - doesn"t fit a standard mid tower PC caseDrjophineAs others have said the build instructions are a bit odd. The rotating bar that scrapes the metal of the frame - why would you tell someone to do this Ikea?! The picture for this desk shows a tower but I'm guessing it's a mini tower and although the description clearly says make sure and measure up, i feel it's false advertising. I would expect most gamers to have a mid not mini tower. The shelf just needs to be an inch lower and it would be perfect. Very frustrating. Considering all the choices for shelving placement, there's actually very little flexibility in this build. One of my monitors is on a bracket, not a stand, there's no room at the back or side of the shelves for this which means i can't have the shelf just above the desk it's now just under the top shelf. That means there is now less space for the keyboard. Now that's my bad for not checking my usage of it, but just a point to note. Several bits of the metal were twisted on opening the package. This makes building a bit more challenging. There were also misaligned holes. I can't say i find the build wobbly as others have said, feels sturdy enough to me.3
Solid deskklffI put this desk together with my mum, we're seasoned IKEA builders, but we struggled with a couple of the instructions (especially the ones where you have to put a bar in place but not tighten everything because you then have to rotate it... far more complicated than necessary!). We also didn't add the extra 'wings' on the sides, for space saving reasons, and I don't think it loses anything from that. Having had it in situ for a few weeks now, though, I do like it. It creaks a little on the left hand side but I suppose that's to be expected, and I could try tightening a couple of things up to see if that helps. Overall, not what I expected to buy as a desk, but definitely meets my needs.4
Very good deskDamo88The desk is very well made and can be done by one person but its better wiith two people working on it. the desk has everything you need for a gaming desk and more! The only down side to thing in my eyes is the bottom shlefs that should hold your pc, even though my pc fitted on it, it wuld of been impossible for me to install my keyboard mouse or anything else due to the bacl board giving 1cm clearance so ive had to put my pc on the very top shelf. but apart from that im very happy with it!5
Great desk / gaming stationreidslThis might seem a little prices but it's the best deal we have ever had for one of our children my son had this for his gaming station and it's just perfect . Not much more I can add to this it's just what we needed5
Great Gaming DeskKatie2010Bought this for my son for a gaming desk. Great size, very sturdy. He loves it. Husband put it together no problem.5
Stylish deskChanceyStylish but practical and great for using as a gaming desk or for the office.5
Nick05Great desk, bought for my son who uses it for gaming and doing his homework.5
Pricey but excellent qualityMark McCArrived in two pretty heavy boxes, so if you're planning to do an upstairs build I'd recommend a second person to help. Some of the early build steps are easier with a second pair of hands, but with patience should be possible solo. Total build time for me was about 3 hours including having to undo a couple of mistakes (there's a crossbeam that screws into the bottom of the main desk surface that is very easy to install upside down, making the screw holes inaccessible several steps later). In use the desk is very stable with loads of room. Even the non-screwed parts like the adjustable speaker shelves are quite sturdy. The holes for cables are a nice touch. The drinks holders are a gimmick and will likely end up being used to hold flash drives, pens, etc. My only minor complaint is that the backboard of the PC shelf blocks access to all the ports on a mid-sized PC tower, meaning all cables have to be connected while the PC is on the floor before being lifted onto the shelf. If you need to regularly plug/unplug stuff this could be a pain, but it would be easy to remove a section of the backboard without compromising the structural integrity of the desk.4
FREDDE Desk, black, 185x74x146 cm

Getting gaming right

If you’re not in to computer gaming yourself, perhaps you have children who are. Across the world, gaming is booming, and naturally IKEA should provide furniture designed for it. So how do players set up a game station to create that immersive gaming experience, what do they need to feel comfortable and supported while playing? When creating FREDDE desk we needed to know. How we found out? We asked a gamer.

David Wahl is not only one of our designers. He’s a gamer too. Of course he got the task. “When I started playing video games you'd have to make sure your friends were free, and someone’s house was free, then make your way down the street, console in hand to play,” David says. “Now, it's just as likely that you're playing with people in Shanghai or Sydney or Stockholm.”

Creating a gaming command central

One of the advantages of gaming's move beyond the TV or the family computer is that gamers are free to make a space customized to enjoy each game's full potential. “A big part of gaming is the immersive experience,” David says. “So my first move when designing FREDDE was to make a cut out in the desktop so that you could be closer to the screen and have almost a command central sort of feel, while also getting support for your arms at the same time.”

Made to be customized

FREDDE fits speakers, a 32" screen, or a couple of smaller screens on a height adjustable shelf. David also had a personal wish. “I used to love playing driving simulator games where you would often use pedals, the same as a car,” he says. “I always found it annoying if you had cables or other things in the way when you were driving so I made sure to design the desk with an unobstructed space for pedals on FREDDE.”

A designer's proudest moment

David is proud to see the gaming community making the desk their own. “If you do an image search for FREDDE it's fantastic to see how people are adapting it to create their own perfect game space, which is exactly in tune with what I hoped.”

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Function solution

Just right for you

You can customise FREDDE workstation in many different ways so it’s perfect for playing games, surfing or studying. You can adjust the height of the monitor shelf. Hang the speaker shelves inside or outside the side panels. And keep your CPU safe and out of the way on a shelf under the workstation.

Desk, black185x74x146 cm

FREDDE Desk, black, 185x74x146 cmFREDDE Desk, white, 185x74x146 cm
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FREDDE Desk, black, 185x74x146 cm