FABLER 3-piece cutlery set, stainless steel
FABLER 3-piece cutlery set, stainless steel
FABLER 3-piece cutlery set, stainless steel

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The knife blade has a serrated edge to be easy for the child to cut and divide food with.The knife is shaped so that the child can use the larger part of the cutting edge even on a plate with a high edge.Recommended for ages from 3 years.Designer

Silke Leffler

  • Stainless steel
  • IKEA has strict requirements for the use of phthalates in all our products, and we have totally banned them in children’s and food-contact products.The material in this product may be recyclable. Please check the recycling rules in your community and if recycling facilities exist in your area.
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Good quality children’s cutleryKristy_NI bought this for my almost 3 year old and they are a little longer than I expected. However she seems to be able to use them easily and they’re definitely smaller than grown up sized cutlery. They are sturdy but without being too heavy.5
Another perfect cutlery set for my grandson.Derby GrandmaGreat cutlery set for the next stage for my grandson.5
chiefy48Perfect for children 5/6 years and above.4
Perfect for 1,5y little oneDariaBelkowskaGood, exellent, soft, nice5
Good qualityJB1222Good quality and right size for grandchildren aged 3-6 years5
Great productlaney5084As of yet I cant fault this set. Its been in the dishwasher who knows how many times and they are still like new.5
Perfect for my little manIkea happy customerI was very pleased with my purchase my grandson feels like he is a grown up with his cutlery, he use's it all the time5
Perfect cutlery set for toddlers & young kidsLeahMunI bought a set each for my 2 and 4 year olds and they love them. It’s a great size for them and they feel like they’ve got a grown up set of cutlery just like mummy and daddy.5
Does the job!GO TETBought for my 6yr old daughter. She loves her OWN cutlery lol.5
Nice cutlery set - perfect for childrenKaren140977Nice size and weight, children all use them at meal times. Would recommend5
Children"s cutleryIrene 22My Grandchildren love them.5
Perfect for little handsDelios2809I bought three sets for many niece and nephews....and they just love them!! They think their proper big now as they cutlery is just like ours. The knife is just right to cut without being dangerous and the spoon is lovely and deep.5
LUnch cutlerySAMELIGHPerfect for my lil lunch box - thank you5
Perfect small person cutlerySamW28This cutlery set is fantastic for small people. My 5 year old always wants to use the grown ups stuff and we saw this and she loves them.5
Perfect for little hands.GrannysaurusThis cutlery set is perfect for children learning to handle the grown up knives and forks. Scaled to fit a little persons needs, they make the eating process so much easier.5
Really perfect size for a toddlerAnnaTrotterLovely in between stage cutlery moving on from plastic stuff to adult. Perfect size.5
Great for making kids feel grown up.MumfyMy little boy loves these mini cutlery sets as they make him feel like he is using the same as us adults. After using them he didnt want to use the more babyish plastic ones.5
Perfect size for small handsAiyaan23Brought these for my 2 children, they are well made and just the perfect size for them. The pretty design on them made the kids very happy5
Great quality and lookPetraLRLove all about this. Design, material and perfect weight for kids5
Perfect cutlery set for my 2 yoAlison SHe needed something more harder than plastic now he has teeth and this is perfect. Good size and fab price5

Time to start cutting food on your own?

For slightly older children cutlery is made of metal. Now it's time to cut and divide food - and a fluted edge on the blade on the knife makes this easier. All the metal edges on the cutlery are gently rounded to prevent children from hurting themselves.

Designer thoughts

"Rabbits, mice, cats and frogs - they all talk, didn't you know that? When I gather inspiration to new drawings for the FABLER collection I try to see the world from a child's perspective. Together with my children, I let my imagination run free. What mischief is the crocodile going to get into next? How will the mouse make friends with the cat? For hundreds of years, fables have helped children to talk about emotions and relationships. I hope the FABLER collection will inspire many families to continue with this tradition."

3-piece cutlery set, stainless steel

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FABLER 3-piece cutlery set, stainless steel