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BLÅLIDEN Glass-door cabinet, white,

Price £ 80
BLÅLIDEN Glass-door cabinet, black, 35x32x151 cm
BLÅLIDEN Glass-door cabinet, white, 35x32x151 cm

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Storage can be just as much about reflecting who you are as organising all of your things. In this modern version of a classic glass-door cabinet, you can display the things you love the most.

Article Number005.012.43

Product details

With a glass-door cabinet you can show off as well as protect your glassware or your favourite collection.

3 movable shelves make it easy to adapt the space to your storage needs.

You can easily complement your glass-door cabinet with integrated lighting because it comes prepared for cable management.

The glass shelves allow light to spread throughout the entire cabinet.


IKEA of Sweden

  • Material
    Top panel/ Top frame/ Bottom panel/ Bottom rail/ Side frame/ Fixing plate/ Door frame/ Fixing plate:
    Steel, Epoxy/polyester powder coating
    Rivet/ Hinges/ Rod:
    Insert nut:
    Steel, Steel
    Protection layer:
    EVA plastic, Polypropylene plastic, EVA plastic
    Side panel/ Back panel/ Door panel/ Shelf:
    Tempered glass

    Wipe clean with a cloth dampened in water or window-cleaner.

    Wipe dry with a clean cloth.


    Wipe clean with a cloth dampened in a mild cleaner.

    Wipe dry with a clean cloth.

  • This furniture must be fixed to the wall with the enclosed wall fastener.Handle with care! A damaged edge or scratched surface can cause the glass to suddenly crack and/or break. Avoid collisions from the side - this is where the glass is most vulnerable.

Weight & measurements

Depth: 32 cm

Height: 151 cm

Max. load/shelf: 3 kg

Width: 35 cm

  • BLÅLIDENArticle Number005.012.43

    Width: 37 cm

    Height: 10 cm

    Length: 156 cm

    Weight: 24.08 kg

    Package(s): 1


Flimsy and door did not close properly Verified ReviewerBought this for my sons bedroom to display some of his Lego - construction was fairly straight forward with clear instructions - but as with other reviews, this item is very flimsy and the door would not close properly - Ikea provided a full refund but overall a very disappointing experience. 1
EXCELLENT DISPLAY CABINETVerified ReviewerWe bought a couple of cabinets for our shop display, they were so good when they came, that we have bought a total of 13 and plan to buy another 12. If there is one drawback, the cabinets come with 3 glass shelves but can accommodate a total of 7 shelves, additional spare shelves are not offered as an add-on or optional item.5
inferior design compared to the old model.Verified Reviewer"Blaliden" display shelf replaced the popular "Detolf" display shelf,but it's a far inferior product at higher price. here are all the negatives vs old model : -it's wobbly and feels lower quality. -the frames looks disproportionate for this shelf,they block the view of the shelf content from different angles and just doesn't look as nice -it's shorter,less space inside -the glass shelves now hold even less weight it's really disappointing and strange to see Ikea decided to discontinue the super popular and unique Detolf display and replaced it with something inferior and badly designed.1
More shelves addedVerified ReviewerLike others I felt this really needed extra shelves. I managed to get 3 made for £43 and it has made a huge difference. I fitted them with left over shelf supports from a cupboard.4
Could do with it being a little bit widerVerified ReviewerAs seen a review regarding the 1/6 collectibles I’m a writing this to agree with that review.. why discontinue the Detolf? Instead you could have tweaked it. This new cabinet is good but as in title could do with being slightly wider3
Needs more shelvesVerified ReviewerNice unit, bought to go in another room as the previous one isn’t available anymore sadly. Needs more shelves or an option to buy more. Good unit though4
Very nice and easy toVerified ReviewerVery nice and easy to put together, looks great with all my Disney stuff in it I'm very happy with it5
Looks great - perfect forVerified ReviewerLooks great - perfect for my dining room5
Rubbish compared to Detolf, AVOID!Verified ReviewerDon't waste your time if you're looking for a detolf alternative! This cabinet isn't as wide, tall or even as good looking with the frame. 1/6 model collectors loved the Detolf for a reason, whoever decided this was an adequate replacement obviously didn't know who was buying the product. Not as much room now both in width and height meaning bigger models won't fit and the shelving itself is a thiner glass than the previous Detolf meaning it will hold less weight. Don't waste your time with this piece of poorly designed rubbish!1
Good Cabinet - Extra Shelves Option NeededVerified ReviewerI am pleased with the actual cabinet but since IKEA have provided mounting points for 7 shelves they should really provide an option to purchase extra shelves and supports so people can make full use of the space available.4
Bring back the Ikea Detolf. A plea from an Animal Rescue!Verified ReviewerI have bought many Ikea Detolfs, and sent many more people to your website to buy them. I volunteer in small pet rescue and there is a shocking lack of correct (Hamster, Gerbil, Mouse) housing in the UK/Europe/US and it's well known that the Ikea Detolf makes an excellent small pet housing hack. We remove the glass doors and shelves, turn it on it's side, make lids for the top and it meet welfare standards. The Ikea Detolf was a lifeline. We've tried, but the sizing of this replacement doesn't work. I'm utterly distraught. Why remove the Detolf, when it was so popular with so many people, for so many reasons, for so long? PLEASE, bring it back!2
Detolf Downgrade.Verified ReviewerI have two Detolfs. This doesn't match. If you've never bought a Detolf, the Blaliden is fine, a good display cabinet in it's own right. However it's a weak replacement for the Detolf in the Ikea line. It feels like maybe Ikea is scared of people hurting themselves on the Detolfs glass construction, maybe someone sued, maybe there's too many refunds for damaged parts, and the Ikea design team updated it with extra bits, but the extra bits cost more so you have to charge more and downsize the item by about 20%. The only advantage to Blaliden is that it has options for where you mount the shelves, meaning you could mount an extra 3 shelves if you didn't mind the shelves being only about 6" tall as oppose to a foot. Except of course Ikea doesn't sell shelves separately.1
Never buying thisVerified ReviewerI guess I’m gonna have to buy detolfs from 2nd hand scalpers now. My money could have been yours instead of the scalpers. I guess you don’t want our money. Well done ikea for losing another customer. Why would somebody buy this when they most likely already have a detolf and want all the glass cabinets to match. I don’t understand how your marketing team can be so out of touch with your customers.1
It's ok.Verified ReviewerIt's more expensive and smaller than the detolf but that actually works with me. It looks nice. The only problem i have is I'm displaying items which aren't very big so extra shelves would be great to utilise the space in the unit. However, after contacting ikea there are no plans to sell extra shelves (an item they already produce). This means either buying a second unit just for the shelves and waste a whole unit (not really in keeping with helping the environmental message) or go to a third party and risk them not fitting as flush. Looks like I'll be doing that and giving my money to a third party rather than a company which, as said before, actually makes the shelves and just needs to repackage them as extras.3
Check it before you build itVerified ReviewerThere are possible quality problems with this cabinet. You have to screw the shelf brackets into the metal frame. On one of them I had trouble getting the screw in and it required considerable force to do so. In another place, there was no screw thread, just a hole, making it impossible to attach the bracket securely and have the shelf in that position. Unfortunately this was in the dead centre of the cabinet, where I wanted a shelf. I suggest checking these and maybe attaching them before you build the cabinet, as the brackets are one of the last things you do if following the instructions. The cabinet looks nice otherwise but now I am faced with the prospect of dismantling it and lugging it back to the shop for a refund :(3
Great but sell extra shelvesVerified ReviewerWonderful display cabinet. Easy to build and sturdy. Only downside is that it comes with space for 6 shelves, but only 3 shelves are provided. Would be 5 stars if I could get additional shelves.4