BILLY Extra shelf, white, 76x26 cm

It is estimated that every five seconds, one BILLY bookcase is sold somewhere in the world. Pretty impressive considering we launched BILLY in 1979. It’s the booklovers choice that never goes out of style.

Article Number202.653.01

Product details

You can use the extra shelves to make room for more stuff when your storage needs change.Fits BILLY bookcase 80 cm wide and 28 cm deep.The shelf does not fit bookcases purchased in the spring of 2014 or earlier.Designer

IKEA of Sweden

  • Particleboard, Paper foil, Plastic edging
    Wipe clean with a cloth dampened in a mild cleaner.Wipe dry with a clean cloth.
  • At least 50% (weight) of this product is made from wood fibre, a renewable material.Product is possible to recycle or use for energy recovery, if available in your community.
  • BILLYExtra shelfArticle no.:202.653.01
    Width: 26 cmHeight: 2 cmLength: 77 cmWeight: 2.76 kgPackage(s): 1

Product size

76 cm
26 cm
2 cm
Max. load: 
30 kg


Sturdy shelfeVerified BuyerSturdy shelfe5
Billy 80cm bookcaseVerified BuyerI bought these as I needed to store my technic Lego collection and I’m very happy with the quality very straight foreward instructions.5
Extra ShelfVerified BuyerJust what was need5
Extra shelves for bookcases alreadyVerified BuyerExtra shelves for bookcases already in situ5
Simply PerfectVerified BuyerGood little addition to home office5
Excellent productVerified BuyerExcellent product5
Does what it says on the tinStorageistheanswerGreat to be able to have an extra shelf for BILLY - really increases the storage Options5
Great to have flexibilityDawny21The Billy bookcases are easy to assemble and to be able to have the flexibility of adapting them with extra shelves is great, this makes them more versatile as the storage needs change you can move shelves around or add more.5
Good storageAnnd2646Good purchase, and good quality.5
Perfect extra shelfsamo726Absolutely brilliant, I wasn't sure it would be a good match based on previous reviews suggesting it not work with an old bookcase. My bookcase was secondhand so I don't know which make it was however it was the perfect match! And against what other reviews said it did infact come with the 4 'screws' to hold it up in place! Very happy :)5
Extra shelfLyfrbryfIt's really good to be able to get extra shelves for bookcases - especially when ypu have as many booksbas aI do. It arrived safely, very well packaged!5
Billy shelfRob6102One corner of the shelf was broken. Surprised this wasn't spotted before packing.3
Great addition to Billy storage systemConvert for everWonderful to be able to add extra shelves if needed.5
Extra shelf which gives us more space for booksSotonGregGood shelf to add more space to the billy book case. Be aware you can get the shelf attachments in their customer service area5
Billy book shelfs are easy to assemble and fitRaym2What I like most about Ikea product lines is that you can go back a much later date and buy another accessory for the furniture/bedroom wardrobes/kitchen unit item you purchased years ago. In this case I was just getting and extra shelf for my Billy book case. Billy product line has been running for at least 10 years, what other furniture manufacturer can you do this with?5
Looks greatLove_Ikea_furnitureI took a page out gof the Ikea book and copied the display. We were looking too find a utility cupboard to fill a long but shallow space in our dining room to increate our storage and display our glass ware. Utilising the lighting which was in the Ikea display we hooked up the home automation and it looks great and fulfils a lighting and display requirement at the same time. Easy construction as always although you do need the room to lay down the units when fitting the backs.5
Can"t seem to find what"s needed.crissdeeBought three Billy bookcases to go with the six I already had (yes, I do have a lot of books!) and needed two extra shelves to get things properly organised. Shelves are readily available, but they do not appear to supply the supports to hold them up, a rather crucial omission. Incidentally, as I bought the original ones in two stages, and now have three of the very latest pattern, I find that I have three slightly different types of bookcase. The first five all match exactly, the fifth one assembles slightly differently and has a slightly different finish, and the latest three (although assembling the way the last one did) has completely different shelf supports.5
Hmm Extra Shelfmartinf54Only buy one if you need it, but we needed it to add more flat surface to our new Billy. It exactly matches the finish (if you choose the right finish) and it fits in just like it should. Easy to assemble? and looks like it was always there with the other shelves......Get one, if you need one.5
Wouldn"t recommend doesn"t fit old versionMartangWhy on earth ikea have made the decision to change the shelf supports is beyond me. The old ones were simple and secure. The new style are too slim to go into the 'old' style (not that you'd know as the billy is iconic and been around for years!) So annoyed that ikea in effect are saying if you want extra shelves then you have to needlessly replace perfectly good furniture when they could just supply the old shelf pins and they work perfectly! For anyone else in the same predicament use a 1screw into the fixing holes. Shelf fits fine.1
Doesn"t fit older bookcases!SallyAnnCVery disappointed to find this doesn't fit our bookcase - only saw on the website that it doesn't fit bookcases bought in Spring of 2014 or earlier, guess when we bought ours?! I find it odd that they would change the shelf supports given that this is such an 'iconic' piece of furniture and so popular!1

Extra shelf, white76x26 cm

BILLY Extra shelf, black-brown, 76x26 cmBILLY Extra shelf, glass, 76x26 cmBILLY Extra shelf, oak veneer, 76x26 cmBILLY Extra shelf, white, 76x26 cmBILLY Extra shelf, white stained oak veneer, 76x26 cm
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BILLY Extra shelf, white, 76x26 cm