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SYMFONISK lamp with WiFi speaker alongside various ornaments and magazines.

Here's where you'll find answers to common questions about SYMFONISK WiFi speakers.

How the SYMFONISK WiFi speakers work

Connect your smartphone to your home WiFi router and download the Sonos app. The app will then be able to talk to your connected SYMFONISK WiFi speakers. With the app, steer your SYMFONISK speakers individually - or have them play your favourite soundtrack all around the house, together with other Sonos speakers.

Overview to show the wireless connection between Sonos app and SYMFONISK table lamp WiFi speaker and bookshelf speaker.
SYMFONISK lamp with WiFi speaker alongside decorative accessories on a dining room cabinet.

Shine a new light on sound

Your lazy Sunday playlist just got a whole lot smarter. Find out more about SYMFONISK and the collaboration with Sonos.

Sonos logo and the IKEA logo, representing the collaboration of creating SYMFONISK – a brand new sound series.