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Christmas trees, wreaths & garlands

These pot plants for winter and autumn bring holiday cheer to your home. You can decorate them with baubles, garlands and festive lights for a personal touch. Plus, they’re super easy to maintain, as these artificial plants need no water and don’t shed any needles. Explore our range of plants for winter pots and baskets here.

Spread the holiday cheer – without spreading pine needles on the floor

This Christmas tree and garland bring the same holiday cheer to your home as fresh spruce, with some bonus. They don’t shed so you don’t need to clean up pine needles off the floor. And they last longer and can be re-used year after year. Saving time and money – now that’s the real holiday spirit!

A small VINTERFINT artificial Christmas tree with red flower decorations and decoration baubles sits on a side table.
STRÅLA LED artificial garland and STRÅLA LED lighting chain in leaf gold-colour hang from HÖVOLM rack with 6 knobs in oak.