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Steam cooking: more flavour and less fat

Steam cooking is one of the most popular trends in healthy eating. And it’s easy to see why: you can prepare a variety of foods — vegetables, meat and fish — and steam cookware is not expensive or difficult to use.

We’re going to tell you about the benefits of steaming to give you the confidence to cook salmon using one of our steamers. Cook with all of the flavour and none of the fat!

How to steam cook

As its name suggests, steaming is a cooking method that uses nothing but steam.

One of the advantages of steam cooking is that you don’t need too many utensils. All you need is a steamer (a bowl with holes) which you sit on top of one of our pots suitable for steaming.

Fill the pot with water or stock, pop in some herbs for extra flavour and leave it to boil. Wait until after the water has come to the boil to add the food that you want to steam, otherwise it will be too soft. The cooking time depends on the size of the ingredients but is usually between 7-15 minutes.

So now you know: you only need two steam cooking utensils to create the tastiest and healthiest dishes imaginable.

The key to steam cooking is to stop the ingredients from touching the water, thus preserving all the nutrients and flavour. Another advantage of steam cooking is that steamed food has a better texture than boiled food. In addition, more practical steamers are being designed all the time, such as the STABIL steamer, which has a detachable handle, preventing it from heating up and enabling you to lift the food out of the steam with ease.

Three tips on how to steam like a pro

  1. Leave the oil until the end, don’t add it to your food before steaming. Drizzle it on once the food is cooked.

  2. If you remove the steamer lid, the food will stop steaming and will take a little longer to cook. Be patient!

  3. If you’re preparing several steamed foods and want to cook them at the same time, you can use a steamer insert and cook them separately.