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Summer table decor for the garden

If there's something everyone enjoys in the summer, it's eating with our family and friends. And if you're lucky enough to have a garden or terrace to host a meal or dinner, don't miss out on the opportunity!

You have plenty of options when decorating your table: with tablecloth, without tablecloth, more elegant, more casual featuring a tropical and summer style, perhaps a cocktail bar… Here are some different ideas on how to decorate your summer table for the garden. We can already taste the summer!

Tropical style table

Our first suggestion has a tropical twist that we think is perfect for this time of year. Colours like green, red, yellow or orange help add a vibrant touch to our outdoor dining table, and we can incorporate them in many ways. In this case, we'd like to focus on an idea that we think is extremely easy and works wonders: trays.

You may think that they are only used to eat when you're alone, but the truth is that if you are planning a casual meal, aperitif or snack, they can be super helpful in bringing everything to the table.

If you choose a tray with a tropical print like these, then we suggest removing the tablecloth or choosing one with a plain and neutral colour. This will prevent the colours on your table from being too overwhelming.

How to dress up a casual table

On a casual table for summer meals in the garden, a tablecloth isn't necessary. If you want to use one, great—but remember that when you're just snacking or having a drink (which sometimes happens spontaneously), you usually end up spilling something or leaving stains! Our advice is not to use a tablecloth, or use a laminated kind instead, from which stains come out easily with a damp cloth.

To decorate a casual table, we also think it's great to use paper serviettes in colourful, summery, fun prints. You can combine different crockery in various colours and even use reusable plastic dishes and cups. These are great when you don't want to risk breaking your best crockery and glasses.

A bar for guests

Another idea we think is great when it comes to planning a meal during the summer is to set up a drinks bar. This way, everyone can serve themselves whenever they want without having to constantly ask the hosts. As the host, it will also make things easier for you at meal-time by making things a bit more hands off—and plus, it's super cool!

Don't forget to put a lot of ice in your drinks to keep them cold for as long as possible, and keep plenty of napkins, cups and glasses close by so everyone can serve themselves as they like.

A corner of the garden for some nibbles and cocktails


Now that you've decided on the decor of your summer table and have your cocktail bar and nibbles ready, a little corner of paradise to enjoy them is a must!

If you have enough space, we recommend setting up some stools, armchairs or hammocks where your guests can sit and relax while sampling everything you've prepared for them.

For this little corner, we recommend that you continue with the palette of bright colours we've seen on the table: reds, pinks, blues, greens or yellows. Using cushions is perhaps one of the easiest and most colourful ways of doing this. When the summer is over, you can choose a plainer colour for your covers.

How about a family picnic?


Lastly, we'd like to suggest an alternative beyond the typical summer table decor. And if you have a garden or patio, one of the coolest things you can do is have a picnic. All you'll need is a sheet, blanket or towel (to put on the ground), glasses, plates and a portable cool box.

Of course, don't forget put on sunscreen and sit under the shade during the hottest times of the day. We think it's an amazing idea. What about you?

And if you want some ideas for your meal or picnic, don't miss our:

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