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A stylist’s living room: Åsa’s take on modern eclectic harmony

We let interior designer and architect Åsa Dyberg create her own dream living room. Get inspired by her light and homey cosy space for chillin’, dining, working or just being.

A cosy modern living room featuring brown, blue, and natural materials like rattan and wood.
A cosy modern living room featuring brown, blue, and natural materials like rattan and wood.

Åsa has worked as an architect and interior designer for almost 30 years. Today, she and her husband split their time between Malmö and Barcelona. The living room is her favourite place. It’s where she came up with the idea for this highly personal and inviting space, proving that even dark walls can be cosy.

Don’t be afraid to mix different textures to make the room feel cosier. “Experiment with layering contrasting materials; velvet, wool, rugs, whatever you like. You can also mix and match odd pieces of furniture, just keep to the same colour scheme.” Try a mix of blues and natural tones. “I am so tired of white walls. Brown walls feel so much more luxurious.” Add a touch of green with different kinds of leafy plants.

Personal things can really make a space come alive, so don’t hesitate to use open storage. “We travel a lot, and I like collecting cool things and showing off my souvenirs.” Place your favourite pieces on a picture ledge or on top of different cabinets. Recycle or give away anything that just collects dust. Do you have a hard time parting with things that have sentimental value, but at the same time you don’t want them on display? Keep them behind closed doors inside the cabinets.

Dare to break away from traditional furniture groups and mix up different combinations to create character and a snug, cosy feeling.

Åsa Dyberg, architect and interior designer

Flexible furniture that allows you to do different things in one place can create a sense of freedom. “I feel freer working at the table or in an armchair with a footstool in the living room than in the office.” A lightweight work top with trestles can also be used as a dining table for special occasions. Clear the desk, move it to the centre of the room and add some extra chairs.

I like a green and luxurious feeling at home. I’m not minimalist at all.

Åsa Dyberg, architect and interior designer

“A room needs a bit of a view to let nature in. Because I’m an architect, outlines and natural light are important to me.” Create a sleeping spot for overnight guests with this bed (80 cm wide). It fits right into the little nook next to the window. “This dreamy bed for guests can be used as a daybed.” Use a bed skirt as a cover, or make your own in your favourite fabric. Close the curtain to get some privacy.

Here’s the floor plan of Åsa's living room. It is only 29 square metres but Åsa made the most of the available space and improved functionality by using every inch. There’s a place to relax, eat, work and even sleep.

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Made by
Interior designer: Åsa Dyberg
Photographer: Andrea Papini
Writer: Anna Blom