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Security in the shops

A new home is opening up A new home full of reunionsWe've really missed you

IKEA store

What am I going to see in each store?

We have opened all our stores 100%. You can enjoy your usual experience in them, with a reduced capacity. The IKEA Ensanche de Vallecas and IKEA Goya shops are accessible from the whole municipality of Madrid and the IKEA Alcorcón shop is accessible from the municipality of Alcorcón. The IKEA San Sebastian de los Reyes shop is accessible from any municipality except those that are confined.

In Catalonia the capacity has been reduced to 30% and our restaurant will be temporarily closed.

And in IKEA Zaragoza the capacity has been reduced to 50%.

As the entire space in our store is reopened, you no longer need to make an appointment to access. Please make sure that you wear your mask, as it is compulsory to use it.

Check your shop's opening hours here.

The Swedish shop is open for the purchase of food products.

The restaurant and bistro will have limited capacity, take away service and guarantee all security measures.

The SMÅLAND playroom and play areas will be closed as directed by the health authorities.

If you prefer to make the arrangements without leaving home, we offer you different possibilities:

You can make your purchase online and pick it up at the store using our Click & Collect service or contract home delivery.

We can assist you with your purchase by phone from here.

If you need spare parts, you can get these from our website.

You can request an invoice through our website.

For any incident you can contact us through our form or the customer service phone number 900 400 922.

Safety measures

Safety measures

At IKEA, the health of our employees and customers is our priority. That's why we have taken extra preventive and cleaning measures in accordance with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health.

  • Be sure to bring your mask with you, as its use is mandatory both on public roads and inside our stores.
  • We have limited capacity in accordance with regulations.
  • We have installed protective screens at our customer service, collection and return points.
  • Our co-workers will be wearing gloves and masks.
  • We follow a thorough cleaning and disinfection routine.
  • We will provide you with sanitiser gel.
  • Remember to keep a minimum distance of 2 m.
  • In order to ensure hygiene is maintained, please don't touch any products that you don't intend to purchase.
  • We recommend paying by credit or debit card, or using your mobile phone. We also accept other common payment methods.

And in our restaurants...

  • Make sure you bring your mask as it's compulsory to wear one both on the street and inside our stores.
  • We've reduced the capacity in our restaurants and bistros in line with the regulations of each autonomous community.
  • Remember to keep a minimum distance of 1.5 m while on IKEA premises.
  • We are maintaining social distancing between seats in our restaurants and bistros, as well as imposing a maximum number of people at each table.
  • We're providing you with hand sanitiser and gloves to wear while collecting your meal and utensils.
  • All our self-serve products have been protected for hygiene purposes.
  • Our food service points are protected by screens.
  • Our co-workers are wearing gloves and masks.
  • We are making sure that all tables and chairs are cleaned and disinfected between customers.
  • Our relaxation zones remain closed to ensure the safety of our customers.
  • We follow thorough cleaning and disinfection routines for all our shared equipment and facilities.
  • All raw materials we receive are disinfected before they enter our premises.
  • Hygiene protocols have been put in place for all equipment used by customers (coffee machines, juicers, water and soft drink dispensers).
  • We are providing our customers with condiments in single-serve packets.
  • We recommend paying by credit or debit card, or using your mobile phone We also accept other common payment methods.
  • All our suppliers are certified to meet the highest food safety standards (GFSI).
  • All our establishments have been awarded the "Q" mark for tourism quality, a Spanish certification ensuring that the service we provide is high quality, safe and professional.
  • Our establishments regularly undergo stringent external Food Safety audits, guaranteeing that we comply with all public health hygiene requirements.



Yes, you can come to our shops to make any management you need.

You can also contact us through customer service.