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Everyday rituals for a better everyday life

If change can seem overwhelming, our everyday rituals are quite the opposite. Because it’s the small, repeated actions that have the power to change your life. Take some time to identify your daily routines and how they impact your wellbeing. How can you add intent and purpose to make them more meaningful? Are there any rituals missing that could bring more joy to your day?

For the biggest impact – think small.

Group of friends on a balcony gathered around a table with food and drinks served.

Rituals for a great start of the day

There’s nothing like greeting a brand-new day with a life-affirming ritual that gives you energy, improves your mood and sets your intentions for the day. Be it the mindful art of making the perfect cup of coffee, or a delicious Sunday morning pancake bonanza – it’s in the morning that we set the tone for our day.

Rituals in the afternoon

Halfway through a busy day, it’s a meaningful practice to find some time to re-charge and re-connect with yourself and others. It can be some much needed me-time with a calming cup of home blended tea, bringing your loved ones together to learn an old family recipe, or connecting with your neighbours over coffee and sweets. With purpose comes wellbeing.

Rituals to unwind and close your day

Evening is a time to play, create and learn new things. When most of us don’t work, there’s time for food, socializing and entertainment. It’s a time to enjoy the cheerful company of our friends, connect with our pets and play with our children. To pursue our hobbies and interests – and of course to relax, be mindful and prepare for a good night’s sleep.