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Give your IKEA furniture a second lease of life

Every year, millions of pieces of secondhand furniture go to waste. That’s why we’re buying back your used IKEA furniture, to give chairs, shelves or chests of drawers as many lives as possible.

With the IKEA Buyback & Resell service, IKEA customers can receive an IKEA refund card and give unwanted furniture a second life. This way you allow someone else to enjoy your second-hand IKEA furniture instead of having to buy something brand new.

What your used furniture is worth will vary, but you’ll get an IKEA refund card with higher amount for pieces that are in better condition or like-new.

As an IKEA Family member you get 10% more back for your old furniture(s)!

How our Buyback & Resell service works

  1. Do you have old IKEA furniture that you no longer need? Find out what furniture you can sell back to us on our list of eligible items
  2. Simply fill out the form online to get a estimate for your old IKEA furniture. You will receive your estimate via email containing your quote and estimate number (This feature is currently not yet available in English. You will be automatically redirected to the French or Dutch page.)
  3. Prep and go. Bring your furniture, fully assembled, with your estimation number, to your nearest IKEA store. 
  4. At the exchange & returns area, a co-worker will compare the furniture’s condition to the estimate and set a final buy back price (that can differ from the estimate). You will receive an IKEA refund card to spend on something you need or love online or in-store. We’ll resell your furniture in our Circular Hub.
  5. Pat yourself on the back. You’ve done a good deed. You’re helping us prolong product life, promoting second-hand furniture at IKEA. Thanks for contributing to making IKEA more circular!
  6. Spend your IKEA refund card online or in-store whenever you want. You can use your IKEA refund card for an unlimited period of time from the date of issue, however, it can’t be used in our Swedish Bistros, Swedish Restaurants or Swedish Shop.

What second hand IKEA furniture does IKEA buy back?

IKEA products that qualify for Buyback must be:

  • In good, resellable condition
  • Listed below as eligible
  • Complete and fully functional
  • Properly assembled when returned
  • Clean and unmodified

Second hand furniture IKEA buys back

The specific products that are eligible for the buy back scheme are listed here but will include the following:

  • Chests of drawers
  • Desks and drawer units
  • Small cabinets with drawers
  • Sideboards
  • Bookcases and shelving units
  • Tables
  • Multimedia furniture
  • Loose cabinets with doors
  • Dining tables and desks
  • Chairs and stools (not upholstered)

Second hand furniture IKEA doesn’t buy back

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to accept items from the categories listed below. However, we are always looking for new opportunities to improve our services so do check back in the future.

  • Non-IKEA products
  • Products that have been kept outside, including garden furniture
  • Products that are incomplete or have been changed in any way
  • Home accessories, including lights and textiles
  • Mattresses and bedding, such as blankets and mattrass protectors
  • Sofas and armchairs
  • Other textile products, such as pillows, towels and carpets
  • Products containing damaged glass
  • Kitchen articles, including worktops, kitchen cabinets and doors
  • Modular cabinets, shelving units and their accessories except the ones listed in the estimation tool as eligible products
  • Home appliances and other electrical products
  • Children’s and baby products (such as cots, matrasses and changing tables)

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