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Storage boxes & baskets

Clutter is just handy storage waiting for the right box

Boxes may be the easiest way to improve the tidiness of any given space. No wonder we have them in virtually all sizes and fashions. SAMLA boxes have the added benefit of being transparent, making it extra easy to see what goes where. Find the right combination to help keep your home tidy and organised.

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A rustic, wooden worktop scattered with pots and planting accessories, many of them in transparent SAMLA storage boxes.
    A log-cabin interior with flour bags, bread and baking accessories in transparent SAMLA storage boxes and on a metal trolley.
    A softly sunlit room with assorted storage on shelves and in a stack of SAMLA storage boxes. Next to it stands a broom.
    A girl sitting on a wooden worktop handles planting accessories put in a transparent SAMLA storage box and its insert.
    An IVAR shelving unit holding bowls, figurines and pottery accessories, some stored in transparent SAMLA storage boxes.
    See the SAMLA series

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    More variantsNOJIG Organiser 20x25x10 cm

    NOJIG Organiser, plastic/beige, 25x35x5 cmNOJIG Organiser, plastic/beige, 10x20x5 cmNOJIG Organiser, plastic/beige, 10x10x5 cm

    More variantsDRÖNA Box 33x38x33 cm

    DRÖNA Box, patterned green/beige, 33x38x33 cmDRÖNA Box, beige/dotted, 33x38x33 cmDRÖNA Box, brown, 33x38x33 cm

    More variantsKUGGIS Box with lid 26x35x15 cm

    KUGGIS Box with lid, transparent black, 13x18x8 cmKUGGIS Box with lid, transparent black, 18x26x8 cmKUGGIS Box with lid, transparent black, 26x35x15 cm

    More variantsBRANÄS Basket 32x34x32 cm

    BRANÄS Basket, dark grey, 32x34x32 cmBRANÄS Basket, white, 32x34x32 cm

    More variantsSKUBB Box, set of 6

    SKUBB Box, set of 6, dark grey

    More variantsVARIERA Box 24x17 cm

    VARIERA Box, grey, 24x17 cmVARIERA Box, green, 24x17 cmVARIERA Box, black, 24x17 cm

    More variantsTJABBIG Basket 25x23 cm

    TJABBIG Basket, natural, 15x13 cm

    More variantsTJENA Storage box with lid 32x35x32 cm

    TJENA Storage box with lid, white, 25x35x20 cmTJENA Storage box with lid, white, 25x35x10 cmTJENA Storage box with lid, white, 35x50x30 cm

    More variantsNIMM Storage box with lid 25x35x15 cm

    NIMM Storage box with lid, grey-green, 32x30x30 cmNIMM Storage box with lid, black, 35x50x30 cmNIMM Storage box with lid, black, 32x30x30 cm

    More variantsSKUBB Storage case 69x55x19 cm

    SKUBB Storage case, dark grey, 93x55x19 cmSKUBB Storage case, dark grey, 69x55x19 cmSKUBB Storage case, dark grey, 44x55x19 cm
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    A new storage basket with a supple style of its own

    Here’s a new helper for your hallway and other parts of your home that need decluttering on a regular basis. The TJABBIG cotton basket has a sturdy, heavy feel, a subtle colour scheme of natural shades, keeps volumes of stuff from going astray, and just looks better the more of them you add.

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    Part of a hallway with a two-coloured TJABBIG basket placed on the floor next to a black PINNIG bench with shoe storage.
      The handle and upper, natural-colour part of a TJABBIG textile basket, holding a bundle of knitted garments.
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