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Sound that moves with you

Whether you want a soundtrack to your work day or to play catch-up on your favourite podcast while you’re in the bath, check out our Bluetooth speaker range. As well as great sound, some of them have extra mood-boosting superpowers like lighting too.

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A VAPPEBY Bluetooth speaker lamp with the lamp switched on, on a desk beside a phone in a bamboo wireless charging stand.
A black ENEBY portable Bluetooth speaker is propped up by its cork stand on a wooden surface. A brown vase is behind it.
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A WiFi speaker that’s part of the furniture

Our SYMFONISK WiFi speaker lamp lets you fill the rooms throughout your home with your favourite music and podcasts, all bathed in cosy, warm light. Different shades in textile and glass create different lighting effects, but the speakers pump out the same richness of sound, whatever the mood you’re feeling.

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A white SYMFONISK WiFi speaker lamp with a textile shade on a windowsill beside a tray holding a vase with a branch in it.
A black SYMFONISK WiFi speaker lamp with glass shade stands on a sideboard beside some books and in front of a round mirror.
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