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Our shiniest lamp yet

There is nothing subtle about the new ACKJA table lamp. The chrome-plated lamp base is all about creating a statement. Simply combine with a decorative light bulb to create a style and mood to suit your personality and space.

A neatly arranged row of ACKJA table lamps, with different bulbs, against a terracotta-coloured wall.
Part of an ACKJA table lamp, showing where the upper and lower metal-sheen hemispheres meet in a wasp waist.

Lights up your room. Even when it’s off.

BLÅSVERK table lamp really owns the room. It’s bright. Bold. And brims with personality.

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Video: A BLÅSVERK table lamp shown in three different colours in a studio space moves to a yellow BLÅSVERK table lamp within a home.
A close-up of a yellow BLÅSVERK table lamp that shows the lamp shade’s two parts, which are yellow and white.
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