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Hooks & wall organisation

Create tailor-made tidiness with pegboards

SKÅDIS pegboards offer accessible, playful and flexible storage. Used free-standing, they also work great as desk dividers and privacy screens. Inserts, hooks and containers make them super adjustable to your needs. Add a little tenderness, and they easily pass as wall-mounted decoration, too.

See the SKÅDIS series
Part of a sunlit BEKANT sit-stand desk with a NÄVLINGE LED work lamp and accessories on a standing white SKÅDIS pegboard.
    Miscellaneous gardening accessories arranged on black SKÅDIS pegboards, wall-mounted over a worktop with potted plants.
    On the side of a large, tall storage unit hang two white SKÅDIS pegboards, holding photographs, trinkets and accessories.
    A patchwork of wall-mounted white SKÅDIS pegboards fitted with white SKÅDIS shelves, filled with origami objects.
    Children’s school accessories arranged on side-by-side SKÅDIS wood pegboards, above garments hung on HÖVOLM six-knob racks.
    See the SKÅDIS series

    A new hallway hero to hold your coat

    Welcome home! Let a TJUSIG hook rack greet you at the front door, or wherever you have a surplus of garments on the loose. It works equally well alone, in pairs – or why not several in a row? Contrast against a different wall colour, and its decorative, almost sculptural features come across even better.

    See the TJUSIG series
    A hallway with garments on TJUSIG vertical hook racks, notes on VATTENKAR wall storage units, and shoes on PINNIG benches.
      A leather cap hangs on a hook of a wall-mounted TJUSIG birch vertical hook rack, designed as a stylised tree branch.
        See the TJUSIG series