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Metal – strong, stylish and recyclable

When it comes to raw materials metal is second only to wood in the amount we use. And for good reason. It’s not only durable it’s affordable too. And we want to make it more sustainable by ensuring that our metal is sourced and produced in a responsible way.

The hand of a person wearing gold bracelets and rings opening the white mesh metal door of a BAGGEBO cabinet.
We want to transform our metal business by making more sustainable choices in materials and production technologies that lead to a stronger and more sustainable range offer that is relevant for the many people.

Åsa LidénMaterial & Innovation Area Manager

Top three in our metal charts

We use three main types of metal: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium. Each of these metals has unique properties and will affect a product’s performance, durability and looks.

A black FJÄLLBO shelving unit against a grey wall. On the shelves are two boxes, some books and a collection of ornaments.

Carbon Steel

One of our most used materials, carbon steel is a low-cost material that’s durable and recyclable. In fact, it’s one of the most recycled materials in the world.

Some of the ways carbon steel makes life at home better

A person lifting the tray off a GLADOM white tray table. On the tray are two glasses of water and some books.
A HYLLIS shelving unit, on RUNNEN floor deck, against a white wall. On its shelves are four grey plastic boxes and a bucket.
A white MINNEN extendable bed made up with blue and white bed linen. On the floor is a striped rug and a stuffed pig.
Two ENRUM lanterns for tea light, each containing a lit tea light, standing on a dark grey stone shelf.
A white RÅSKOG trolley laden with cake tins and other utensils standing on pink rug in a white traditional kitchen.
    An IKEA 365+ pot with lid standing on a HEAT pot stand on a grey kitchen bench next to a dark blue glazed bowl.

    Stainless Steel

    Durable and corrosion-resistant, stainless steel can be recycled repeatedly with no loss of quality. Its unique qualities make it perfect for wet environments, or for products that come in contact with food.

    Stainless steel products to make your home more beautiful and functional

    Two IKEA 365+ saucepans on an induction hub, one with its lid on. The lidless saucepan is being used to heat soup.
    A BROGRUND towel rail mounted on a bathroom wall clad in narrow, black tiles. On the rail hangs two white towels.
    A DRAGON teaspoon, dessert fork, table fork, knife and table spoon laid out on a beige linen napkin.
    A BLANDA BLANK stainless steel serving bowl full of cherry tomatoes, standing on a table surrounded by bread and tableware.
    A LÅNGUDDEN sink together with a colander, a washing-up bowl, and some plastic animals and pink and yellow cups.
      A FOTO pendant lamp hanging in a room with blue walls and a white wooden mantlepiece, upon which are branches in a vase.


      Lightweight and easy to produce in difference shapes and sizes, aluminium is a material that’s durable, recyclable and doesn’t rust.

      Just a few of our products made with aluminium

      A grey kitchen fitted with ENERYDA chrome plated cup handles. On the countertop are oil, vinegar and some sliced tomatoes.
      A person wearing a white long sleeved top pouring water through the lid of a HEMLAGAD 5 litre pot into the kitchen sink.
      A LINDBYN mirror mounted on a dark blue wall. Beside it is an LED wall lamp and a grey evening dress on a hook.
      One LOMVIKEN frame mounted on a wall, and another one standing on a bench top beside some magazines and a plant.
      A BROGRUND shower together with an OPPEJEN shower screen and door fitted in a modern bathroom clad in large beige tiles.