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Home visit: tiny apartment, big on nature

You don’t need a lot of money or space to create a home that suits your lifestyle. See how two students turned their compact apartment into a sanctuary for wellbeing and nature…

A living room with sofa and desk in neutral colours.
A living room with sofa and desk in neutral colours.

One space fits all

As students, Mia and Jakob couldn’t afford a big place, but thanks to some smart furnishing they were able to make it feel light and spacious (the height of the ceiling also helped). The one room they have to socialise, study, eat and sleep in is separated into zones, with a designated workspace.

Room for dinner parties

A passion for home-grown food and hosting go hand-in-hand for Mia and Jakob. Lack of space doesn’t stop them from inviting friends over to eat, and they make room for a small dining set-up using mismatched chairs from around the apartment. To get an idea of what’s on the menu, take a look at their superfood recipe ideas.


From seedling to plate, with as little waste as possible, anyone can reap the benefits of home-growing – a small apartment just means you have to be more creative. Mia and Jakob use trolleys in their compact kitchen to nurture seedlings (they’ve produced over 400 so far this year!), which are eventually transferred to their local allotment. “It does make life a bit more crowded but it’s only for a month or so, so it’s totally worth it,” says Jakob. When the trolleys aren’t being used for growing, they double as moveable storage.

We don’t see healthy living as restrictive. We see it as a world of possibilities.

Mia and Jakob

Relaxing sleep zone

If your ‘bedroom’ is in the same room as your social areas, it’s important that you create a corner of calm. Mia and Jakob have stripped back the colour scheme in their sleep space, loaded up on throws and pillows and added a simple bedside lamp. Light net curtains help to soften the space and let in more natural light, especially as the days grow longer.

Eat well, live well

Mia and Jakob’s home-grown produce goes only part of the way, so they prioritise buying high-quality, organic food to make up a feel-good diet. “We don’t buy stuff we don’t need, and the money we have we put towards good food,” they say. “And organic food doesn’t have to be expensive! We did our research and found some local suppliers that we trust, and we try not to waste much. We’ve never felt like we’ve had to deny ourselves anything. We live really well!”

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Writer: Carmilla Floyd