UTRUSTA Push opener, electrical
UTRUSTA Push opener, electrical

The electrical push opener is especially helpful when your hands are full and you need quick access to your trash can. A slight push – that’s all you need for your doors and drawers to open and close.

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Product details

You can open the recycling bin with the push of a finger – or use your hip, knee or foot if your hands are busy.Allows your waste sorting drawer to open and close silently and effortlessly.You can open the recycling bin manually as needed, such as during a power failure.You can easily deactivate the motor when you want to clean the drawer front.The sensitive collision detection feature assures safety by interrupting opening if an obstruction is detected.Standby power consumption is very minimal (only 3,5 kWh per year).5-year Limited Warranty. Read about the terms in the Limited Warranty brochure.Simple to install. All you need is MAXIMERA deep fully-extending drawer 17¾" and an outlet.Designer

IKEA of Sweden

Product size

3 7/8 "
8 5/8 "
3 7/8 "


Works most of the time..RickA fun gadget to have,but it seems to fall asleep when not used for an extended period..4
Works better then I expected - but...CabinetsWorks better then I expected. I was lucky to find out IKEA offered this Push Opener. It is a great addition to our kitchen remodel and IKEA should promote it more. My but ... is that it needs an electric outlet in the back of the cabinet that it will be installed in. My kitchen remodel or probably anyone else's did not include an electric plug inside a cabinet. It was not easy to add the outlet in the middle of the kitchen remodel. You need to plan for this in advance because usually the electrical work is done at the beginning of the remodel project.5
ConvenientAlley86We put it on our cabinet that holds the trash can. It is very convenient when you have trash and your hands are greasy or dirty. you just give a gentle kick or push. The door opens and you can drop in the trash without messing up the cabinet.5
One of the best upgrades to our IKEA kitchenMO343We bought this push motor to use with our 24 trash cabinet. We saw it the the store and immediately knew we had to have one. No more touching the trash bin with icky hands, no more cleaning the front of the trash cabinet daily, no more extra wear and tear on the trash cabinet. Love that you can just gently nudge the door with your foot or knee and it opens. Everyone who sees it wants one!5
AWESOME MUST HAVE PRODUCT!Ryguy317This is a great product as a great price compared to other sites that offer the SAME model. My wife was skeptical of this gadget but now agrees that it is a must have in the kitchen. Great handsfree operation for when your hands are dirty with cooking tasks! Highly recommended.5
Under cabinet lightingSassy51To big for under cabinet lighting the casing would show & look bad1
Very useful product. Expensive.JotsPart of my kitchen remodel; I put this under the farm sink to push out the 30inch drawer that holds 2 garbage receptacles, dishwashing detergent, etc. So Far works as it should. No need hands to scrape food into garbage receptacle while doing dishes. I hope the unit will last a long time.5

Function solution

Always easy to open

With the electric UTRUSTA push opener you can open your recycling drawer with the light touch of a finger or with your hip, knee or foot if your hands are full.

Push opener, electrical

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UTRUSTA Push opener, electrical