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UPPDATERA Divider for drawer, white,

Price $ 17.00

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This handy divider helps to organize the contents inside your drawers, and keeps glassware and tableware from sliding around and bumping into each other. Adjustable to fit with what you need to store.

Article Number604.914.44

Product details

Height adjustable to fit both medium and high drawer.

You can customize your storage since the dividers are adjustable. Perfect for keeping things like food containers and lids organized.

Makes it easy to see and reach things like groceries in an open drawer.


S Fager/F Cayouette


Frame, width: 24 "

Height: 4 7/8 "

Thickness: 1 "


Love the organization, clips are a little brittleLoriWe have these throughout our house, and I love that they optimize the use of the drawer space. The only negative is that the side clips can be a little unforgiving and snap when you try to adjust the positioning. I hope I can get some replacement pieces when I go back to Ikea. But overall, a really good way to complete the system.4

Give some love to your kitchen drawers

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, kitchen cabinets and drawers are the heart of the kitchen. We created UPPDATERA interior organizers to make it easier to keep those drawers in order and find what you are looking for. So that the kitchen utensils you can’t live without are close at hand when you whisk that sauce or taste that soup – even if you don’t have an IKEA kitchen today.

When everything is easily accessible in cabinets and drawers, you can focus on the fun things in the kitchen, like cooking, baking, and setting the table. Or just getting dinner out of the way because you have other things to do.

More flexibility on the inside

IKEA has had cutlery trays, knife trays and other kitchen interiors in the range for a long time, but interviews with our customers made it clear that they needed to be updated. The inside of the kitchen might not be flexible enough when people develop new needs, tells Manuel Courela who was involved in the development of UPPDATERA. “The everyday in the kitchen changes, just like life itself. You meet someone and the family grows, you become a dedicated home cook or decide to go all-in for a new diet. Then it’s practical if the inside of the kitchen easily can join the ride.” Manuel shows how the cutlery caddy can be moved around and used in different ways. “Lift it out and put directly on the table when it’s time for dinner. Or store bottles with oil and vinegar in it.”

Adapt to your own kitchen

The idea with UPPDATERA is to make the interior organisers more flexible. The add-on tray in plastic is a good example. Place it next to a cutlery or utensil tray for a perfect fit and utilise the drawers in your existing kitchen better – no matter the size of them. “Not everyone has a kitchen from IKEA, but everyone can have IKEA functionality on the inside of their kitchen. We hope that the different UPPDATERA products will make a big difference without a big investment.”