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ROCKÅN Bathrobe, gray,

Price $ 29.99
ROCKÅN Bathrobe, gray, L/XL
ROCKÅN Bathrobe, white, L/XL

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A comfy fit for those long, lazy mornings at home – with soft terry on both sides, adjustable belt loops, practical side pockets and sleeves that are easy to move around in.

Article Number503.920.29

Product details

You can enjoy long Sunday mornings in your comfy bathrobe. The sleeve’s seam is sewn diagonally away from the armpit so there’s no chafing against your skin and there’s more space to move in.

Some people prefer to tie their bathrobe below the stomach while others prefer higher up. We added an adjustable belt loop that works both ways. A small detail that adds function and comfort to the robe.

You get the same, soft terry cotton on the inside as you do on the outside so you can wrap yourself in warming comfort after the bath or shower – and look good too.

The pockets are placed on the sides so they won’t end up in front of your stomach when you tie your bathrobe. Handy for warming your hands, storing tissues, keys, phone or pencil for the crossword puzzle.


Paulin Machado

  • Fabric softener decreases the absorption capacity.

  • Material
    100 % cotton

    Shrinkage maximum 6%.

    Machine wash warm (max 140°F/60°C) normal cycle.

    Wash dark colors separately.

    Do not bleach.

    Tumble dry, medium, normal cycle.

    Iron medium temperature, max 300°F/150°C.

    Do not dry clean.


Length: 44 1/8 "

Surface density: 1 oz/sq ft

  • ROCKÅNArticle Number503.920.29

    Width: 10 ¼ "

    Height: 4 "

    Length: 14 ½ "

    Weight: 2 lb 9 oz

    Package(s): 1

RobeHANNEIt is a very nice Robe however, I bought a S/M I should have bought the L/XL the S/M seems more like a small than a medium4
My grandson loves the bathrob!OlenaMy grandson loves the bathrob! Soft and well absorb water!5
Rocking RobeDonnaWear to to and from the pool everyday! Dries me off, keeps me covered as I zoom home in my golf cart.5
Cozy robeBrandyJust the perfect amount of scratchiness ( but super soft) to absorber all the extra water when I get out of the hot tub! Highly recommend5
Great Robe!LINDAGreat Robe!5
cotton robe.AIDAlove it!5
My husband loves it! It’sGraceMy husband loves it! It’s not plush but towel like which was what he wanted5
Great for guestsSoniaQuality for guests. They like them so much they 'inadvertedly' take them when they leave so off to buy some more.5
Just not the same.SarahI’ve had a version of this robe purchased for me 5 years ago. With the new version, I can live with the side rather than patch pockets. However, the fabric seems less substantial, and the belt loops and hanger…ugh. I’d pay more for the old version.2
Good quality at fraction of other retailers' pricesEdNice and comfortable and quite affordable.5
Very Comfy!!!SelenaI wear this every morning while I get ready for my day. It washes well and gets even softer as it ages. Worth the buy!5
Great for the hot tub!EILEENNice quality5
Bathrobe.GUILLERMOVery good materials, dries quickly.5
Pretty greatDianaI had been looking for a towel bathrobe for a while and most of them were over 50 bucks and ridiculously cheap quality so this hits all the boxes5
Hard to find "old school" terry clothA T.I've always used a cotton terry cloth robe instead of a towel out of the shower since like the 90's. But they are almost obsolete now. I can't use a microfiber or fluffy polyester robe when wet. That material sticks to you and just ick! No thanks! So glad IKEA sells these 100% cotton terry cloth robes still and at a great price! Please don't stop making these!5
It fits great and IDeboraIt fits great and I like the material5
It’s what i always wantedHyperThe bathrobe I always wanted to have a “luxury” experience when coming out of the shower, just like in the movies. It is thick and heavy and it dries you out completely in a matter of seconds, the knot/tie has a good grip so I don’t need to worry about showing anyone anything by accident. Overall, happy with my purchase.5
The BestSUSANI've been buying this bathrobe for years. The Terry cloth is very thick.5
ROCKÅN Bathrobe, gray, L/XL

Our take on cotton

We use cotton in many of our products, from sofas and cushions to bed linen and mattresses. It is a soft, durable, and renewable fiber that breathes and is good at absorbing moisture. All these great qualities make cotton one of our most important materials, but it isn’t without its challenges, much having to do with conventional farming methods that negatively impact the environment and poor working conditions for farmers. With our size and production volumes, we want to drive change in the cotton industry.

Sara has a background as a clothes designer, so she knows first hand how difficult it is to create something that fits most body types. She and the development team thought, why not ask the factory workers at our suppliers for help? It would be an opportunity to see how people use bathrobes, and how they fit all the different shapes and sizes we come in. “With slightly blushing cheeks and some giggles, they paraded on the factory floor and tried out different prototypes. Some of them were outspoken and voiced their opinions, others were a bit shy,” says Sara.

Nothing underneath? That’s ok

One of the first things Sara and the team had to solve, was which material they should use. They wanted something that dries quickly and comes with a nice price tag so the models helped them narrow down their choices. “A few of them whispered; ‘Hmm, we usually don’t have much clothes on under our bathrobes.’ It meant we had to have a soft terry and stay away from seams that can chafe. We also put the hanger loop on the outside of the bathrobe, because you should be comfortable even if you are naked underneath,” says Sara.

Differences inspired developers

The team made an interesting discovery regarding how men and women tie their bathrobes. Most men seem to tie the belt under the stomach, while many women tie it higher up, under the bust. “We added an adjustable loop in a contrasting material that works no matter how you prefer it. It’s a small but important detail that adds functionality, and gives the robe a unique look.”

That’s how we like it

Another thing that gave the team an aha-moment were people’s hands. “We noticed that some didn’t know where to put them when the bathrobe was tied and the pockets ended up in front of the stomach. To solve this, we placed the pockets further back instead, and put the openings on the side,” says Sara. We also seem to sit a certain way when we unwind in a bathrobe. “A few of the models said ‘Oops, perhaps I should cross my legs, so I don’t show too much?’ But we think people should sit however they like, as long as they’re comfortable. Since ROCKÅN has a big overlap and is longer than your average bathrobe it’s easy to cover your legs, so you don’t have to worry about things like that,” says Sara.

Together with people like us

Working on the factory floor together with the models not only triggered ideas, it also made the development faster. “We asked a lot of questions, but also got direct feedback by just observing how they moved around in their bathrobes. When we develop this way, together with individuals with different needs, we’re more likely to improve peoples’ everyday. And as in the case of ROCKÅN, create a bathrobe that the whole neighborhood can feel comfortable and look good in,” says Sara.

Working together to drive change

Each year, IKEA uses around 0.5 percent of all cotton grown around the world. This may not seem like a lot, but the number is big enough to drive change in the industry. For many years, we have been working with partners and stakeholders globally to transform conventional large-scale cotton farming and set social and environmental standards for cotton production. As an example, we helped set up the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) who runs the world’s largest cotton sustainability programme. BCI exists to make global cotton production better for the people who produce it, better for the environment it grows in and better for the sector’s future. Today, more than 110,000 farmers have adopted more sustainable farming practices within IKEA projects.

Ensuring compliance throughout the value chain

All IKEA products are produced in accordance with the IKEA IWAY Standard, our Supplier Code of Conduct. It sets out the minimum environmental and social standards expected from our suppliers, including compliance with local laws. We do not accept any form of forced labor, child labor or treatments in breach of our supply chain requirements. Our cotton teams across the globe ensure that all cotton used in IKEA products meets the demands of compliance in our supply chain. By having teams on the ground in areas where it has previously been challenging to work responsibly, we can challenge the traditional ways of working and improve the industry. If we discover that we are acting in places where we cannot ensure our requirements are being met, we follow-up on the ground and drive change.


What is cotton?

Cotton is one of the world's most appreciated and used natural fibers. Textiles in cotton are soft, hardwearing and can be washed at high temperatures. They are also good at breathing and absorbing moisture – making them pleasant to wear close to the body. Today at IKEA we use more and more recycled cotton and strive to make sure that all the new cotton we use has been grown and produced with less and less amounts of pesticides, fertilizers and water.