PAX Wardrobe frame, white, 39 3/8x22 7/8x79 1/8 "
PAX Wardrobe frame, white, 39 3/8x22 7/8x79 1/8 "
PAX Wardrobe frame, white, 39 3/8x22 7/8x79 1/8 "

Do you dream of a beautiful wardrobe for your bedroom? Here´s the solution for you! Start with frames, after that add KOMPLEMENT series that stores all your clothes, shoes and accessories. In the end, just personalize it by adding your favorite doors.


Product details

10-year Limited Warranty. Read about the terms in the Limited Warranty brochure.If you want to organize inside you can complement with interior organizers from the KOMPLEMENT series.Adjustable feet make it possible to compensate for any irregularities in the floor.This furniture must be secured to the wall with the enclosed wall anchoring device.Different wall materials require different types of fasteners. Use fasteners suitable for the walls in your home.Two people are needed to assemble this furniture.Minimum ceiling height required: 83 ⅛ " . Follow the assembly instructions in the package.Doors, hinges and interiors are sold separately.Designer

IKEA of Sweden

  • Particleboard, Fiberboard, ABS plastic, Polypropylene, Foil
    Wipe clean using a damp cloth and a mild cleaner.Wipe dry with a clean cloth.
  • At least 50% (weight) of this product is made from renewable materials.
  • PAXWardrobe frameArticle Number:202.145.66
    Width: 24 ¼ "Height: 3 ¼ "Length: 82 ½ "Weight: 98 lb 2 ozPackage(s): 1

Product size

39 1/4 "
Frame, width: 
39 3/8 "
22 7/8 "
79 1/4 "
Frame, depth: 
22 7/8 "
Frame, height: 
79 1/8 "


Great organizational closetShankhaI am using the pax system and it really changed my clothes are so organized now...this is very easy to assemble and looks sturdy5
Excellent pieceJanellenI am very pleased with this wardrobe. It fits perfectly and gives us so much additional space . A little difficult to assemble given the limited space in our closet but we managed. It gave us the same configuration as a much more expensive closet solution at a fraction of the cost.5
AreenBest way to organize your closet5
Design issuesAux1Hinges are not symmetrical for both doors so they end up at different heights. Drawers don’t fit at the point in which hinges are installed3
We love the flexibilityMetricusWe wanted to buy a PAX system for our walk-in closet for a long time. The design went smoothly as well as the final product. We love the fact that we can switch accessories around, add drawers and various hardware as our needs change.5
Great baseCBMIThe Pax unit was perfect to customize for a built in closet system.5
Easy to assembleHoser 3700Great for closet organization or a stand alone. Lots of different drawers and accessories that can go inside. Very versatile. The adjustable feet on the bottom though never stay on and are terrible. They need to build a better way to adjust the feet.4
93 is VERY tall - but it fit perfectly!!!Karen TWe bought this to put inside a closet in a 100yo plaster wall home. Assembly was easy even by myself. The back was a bit difficult which is why I only gave 4 stars. The margin of error for nailing the back without damaging the inside is very slim even with the nail jig. I had to use a broom handle to hold the back to keep it from collapsing even with another person I believe it would have fallen inside. The rest was easy to assemble if you are a visual person. You will need TWO people to move it though, very large and very awkward.4
Love! Love! Love!LillybugI purchased the 39 wide PAX as well as the 19 wide PAX for my laundry room remodel and they worked perfectly. I needed extra storage for large serving platters, glassware and small appliances I don't use everyday and it has worked out great! I added 4 shelves and they hold a ton because the cabinet is deep. It has freed up so much cabinet space in my kitchen! I added the narrower cabinet to hold my vacuum sweeper and two shelves with cleaning supplies. This was a great, affordable way to get organized and create more space in my kitchen cabinets. Highly recommend!5
Perfect fitveesI purchased this for my granddaughter. She loves it. Her and my daughter assembled it. Had no problem. It looks great.5
Great productDoezeedoeI purchased one month ago and it works fine. I am more organized now.5
MaezyUpdated my closet with pax several months ago. My husband wanted an update as well. We are very pleased with the results.5
Great featuresnikki27I both one before and I need other size5
Does not support its own weightNickname12221121212122221This is made from the cheapest particleboard available. It is too wide to supports its own weight. the sides bow outwards and the top cover bows inward. If you have a large cardboard box and paint it white, you essentially have this frame.1
Perfect fit!WanderlustenbergerI bought my Pax system to put in a closet. By chance, the dark color was a great match with the closet trim and the dimensions made it easy to slide in once assembled. This is my second time using this system and I’m very happy with it.5
flexibility to combine and customizeprobuyerIts been a month i bought this product. Great feature is that you can easily customize as per your need. I noticed there are couple of drawbacks and that's why I gave a 3 star. 1. The base frame is very thin(3/4 inch depth particle board) in compare to the height. So it can easily bend and lamination is not that robust. 2. The shelf I purchased with the system is already bend and I am sure over time of uses it will get worse. This is also very thin particle board. 3. The back of the frame is very thin board which already bulging in-word. Nailing on the edges from back does not guarantee fully stretched fitting. 4. since there is no back frame or cross bar or some sort of stabilization mechanism as a whole the frame is not that strong.3
Looks great but doesn"t hold up long termparallaxAfter six months, the plastic pegs that held up the shelves broke and caused everything inside to collapse. Only use this with shelves if you're going to put lightweight items or nothing on them. I should have paid attention to the pictures--especially the ones showing stuff on the shelves, like two folded sweaters and a small (empty) bag--because that's about all the weight these shelves are guaranteed to take over time. I noticed when assembling it that the sides don't have any reinforcement and would slightly bow outwards when any pressure was applied. What a waste.1
Awesome and StraightforwardAltCWe bought this because it's extremely customizable. We wanted to have an extra wardrobe for our formal clothes to free up room in our bedroom closet. We put one bar inside to hang clothes from, and also installed a glass shelf top, glass-fronted shelf, and two flat pull-out shelves for things like scarves, ties, shoes, belts. Great prices and clean, white look. Spend some time looking through the PAX and Komplement brochures and model wardrobes while you eat lunch!5
Great featuresMorgana22I’m so happy it is functional and the misure are ok5
not just for wardrobesGG13used with komplement shelves as a pantry cabinet. went back and bought three more wardrobe frames, doors and komplement shelves for the play room. use lower shelves for my grandchildren and upper shelves for my craft and party supplies. LOVE THEM!5
PAX Wardrobe frame, white, 39 3/8x22 7/8x79 1/8 "

Because one size doesn't fit all

Have a little look around — not too obviously, just a peek. Chances are, even if it's just different colored socks or another color of scarf, there's no one dressing exactly the same as you right now.  Read More
Which is why it stands to reason that our clothes storage shouldn't be exactly the same either. It's this idea that led us to develop the PAX/KOMPLEMENT clothes and shoes storage. Designed so that no matter what your passion, fashion or personality, your clothes and accessories will have a practical home.

The evolution of storage

It just takes a look through a photo album to see that some of the clothes we used to love might make us wonder 'what was I thinking?' today. And as the way we dress has changed over the years, so too has our approach to making storage at IKEA. That's why we've designed PAX/KOMPLEMENT clothes and shoes storage to adapt to how you would like to store your things, rather than trying to fit your clothes and accessories into an unsuitable space. An idea that's shaped its whole development.

The only similarity is difference

“Most people dream of having an organized wardrobe where they can see all their clothes and accessories. But that's where the similarities end", says Betina Tviis Larsson who developed the PAX/KOMPLEMENT system. Traditional storage often shoehorns you into doing things a set way, whether its folding t-shirts or sorting out a sock drawer – something Betina wanted PAX/KOMPLEMENT to step away from. "We didn't want to say there's a right way or wrong way to organize your clothes. If you want to hang your jeans by their belt loops we want you to be able to do it”, Betina says.

Multiple personality order

To get the design process off on the right foot, the design team focused on what kinds of storage do different people need. "We started by speaking to a lot different people in the team and around IKEA to try and determine different personalities and different needs", Betina explains. And what we ending up with was this a big inventory of preferences and types of things that needed to be stored". By designing around personalities, the team started to develop types of storage that would fit collectors and families just as easily as minimalists and people with very little space. "The whole idea that defined the project became, don't change your personality, change your wardrobe instead", Betina says.

Fitting in function

Bringing this research together, the result is a series of interior organizers that can be adapted for particular uses, from multi-purpose drawers and hangers, to specific features for everything from shoes, to pants, to jewelry. The idea is that each organizer can be mixed or repeated as you choose, so if you want to store your whole sneaker collection inside, or have everything hanging, you can. "I really like to use space in a good way", Betina says. "With this system you can tailor your one wardrobe frame into hundreds of combinations." So whether you're a 'super organizer' or a 'piler' type of clothes person we hope you'll be able to match your storage to suit your style.
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Customize it to your style and build it to your space.

With the PAX wardrobe system you can build a storage solution that suits you, your clothes, and your room. Combine interiors organizers with frames in different heights, widths, and finishes and choose hinged or sliding doors in a style you like.

Wardrobe frame, white39 3/8x22 7/8x79 1/8 "

Doors, hinges and interiors are sold separately.
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PAX Wardrobe frame, white, 39 3/8x22 7/8x79 1/8 "