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NYSJÖN Laundry cabinet, white,

Price $ 169.99

How to get it

You can practice your shots while sorting laundry. Whites up top and colors below. Put two cabinets next to each other and you get more practice time with darks and delicates too.

Article Number404.964.71

Product details

You can mount the door to open from the right or left.

  • Two stationary shelves included.

    Knobs, hinges, and legs included.

    Laundry baskets included.

    All parts have protective edge bands fixed with humidity-resistant glue to prevent moisture and humidity from penetrating.

    Legs can be adjusted to compensate for irregularities on uneven floors.

  • Material
    Side panel/ Top/bottom panel/ Shelf/ Door/ Back rail:
    Particleboard, Melamine foil, Plastic edging, Plastic edging
    Back panel:
    Fiberboard, Acrylic paint
    100 % polypropylene
    Fabric/ Edging:
    100 % polyester, 100 % polyurethane
    100 % polyester

    Do not wash.

    Do not bleach.

    Do not tumble dry.

    Do not iron.

    Do not dry clean.

    Wipe dry with a clean cloth.

    Wipe clean with a water dampened soft cloth and a mild non-abrasive dish detergent or soap, if necessary.

  • Must be secured to the wall for a safe installation. Different wall materials require different types of fixing devices. Use fixing devices suitable for the walls in your home, sold separately.


Depth: 12 5/8 "

Height: 74 3/4 "

Width: 15 3/4 "

  • NYSJÖNArticle Number404.964.71

    Width: 16 "

    Height: 4 ¼ "

    Length: 72 "

    Weight: 62 lb 6 oz

    Package(s): 1


Love themJjLove them5
The item works as expectedMarlenThe ease of installation was easy until you get to the put the rings on the holes. It was really hard and it destroys the item3
Perfect for my kids shared bedroom (6 and 2). Gives a specific target for adults and kids to put dirty laundry. Sturdy and utilizes vertical space in a small bedroom.MariaPreviously had floating baskets for dirty and clean laundry with no set/permanent place in the kids’ bedroom. This caused much confusion and wasted time trying to figure out which baskets were clean and which were dirty. (We don’t always fold clean laundry right away; it would sit in a basket until we made time to fold and put away.) I purchased this so my 6 and 2 year old boys would have a specific target for dirty laundry. It works like a charm! Now there’s no confusion about which basket is clean or dirty, since now any clothes inside the cabinet is obviously dirty. We now we use a different color basket to hold clean clothes only. It also made putting dirty laundry away a fun game for the kids. The 6-year-old celebrates with a “yes!” whenever he successfully tosses his dirty clothes through the hole. spacious enough for 7-10 days kids of clothes and maybe a set of dirty sheets. NOTE: we had to modify the cabinet to sit higher on the wall because we have baseboard heater.5
Excellent space saving organizerKaijaDefinitely helped to keep my laundry area in my apartment cleaner and more organized! Decent materials and has a nice sleek look. I just wish I had a soft close accessory for it and the feet could be better. Very easy to assemble basically alone for a 5ft girl. Just needed someone to help move it in and out of my car and help lift and steady it while I anchored it to the wall.5
Okay productWilliamOkay product. Brought two for a laundry room project, and they work perfect. I don't understand why they don't come with 4 legs and why multiple colors aren't offered as they are with all other cabinets. They don't match the other current offerings of cabinet product lines unless I just chose all white for all. They are also a little lower quality than the cabinet product lines, but have a slightly higher price than what would be expected. I would have assumed 110-1303
Love...but,MaryThis laundry cabinet is really great. It's the perfect size for a child's bedroom or for an adult who does laundry every day or couple of days. Unfortunately, my child stained the soft interior bin, and I cannot find replacement laundry bins on the Ikea site. I'm assuming they're not available individually; a really big downside to this unit, in my opinion. Would rate it 5 stars otherwise.3
Love it!JackieIts the perfect size for the laundry room! The baskets hold enough laundry until the next wash day and extra storage on the top shelf! Great purchase!5
spacious but fits nicelyRogergood quality as always5
So cool I got twoKirkWorks great and looks awesome.5
works as describedArmandoSimple build and saves space5
Used One to Make Custom Laundry ChuteRachaelWe built a custom house four years ago. We had the builder use one of these to create a nifty laundry chute. He took out the bottom shelf and re-anchored it at a 45-degree angle after cutting out part of the back of the cabinet. I cannot express how much I LOVE my laundry chute porthole cabinet! This is probably my favorite-ever IKEA purchase! Even though the chute takes up part of the cabinet, I still have 3 shelves: the top is for items that need to be mended, the next is the first porthole into which I throw my bras so they don't go with the laundry in the second porthole which goes to the chute, and the third (under the second porthole/chute) is for items waiting to go to the dry cleaner. Whoever designed this item was super thoughtful. IKEA please NEVER discontinue production of this item, as if we move, I want to buy one or more of these at our next place.5
No more jumbled mess!HeatherWell made ... Even has a shelf up top. So glad I don't have to bend over and pick my clothes off the floor anymore. Super space saver!5
Love themJjLove them5
FYIMargaretWhile it is a great space keeper keep in mind that they do not sell the laundry baskets that are included seperatly. They do grow mold and I was hoping to replace with the same basket becasue I know they fit.4
Laundry SolutionJonathanGreat design for small laundry spaces. The cabinet provided a solution for stackable washer/dryer in a closet space. One design improvement to consider would be use wooden block or metal legs. The plastic seems to be a bit flimsy.4
Awesome product!JoyThe baskets are exactly a load size and it is so simple to grab a bag and dump it in the washer. Even had a shelf at the top I stuck all the unpaired socks on. Love this thing.5
Amazing, Stylish StorageSusanI've had a set of two of these cabinets for many years in my tiny laundry room and I still love them. If you're like me and get so tired of opening doors all the time to put things away, these laundry cabinets are made for you! I use one of the cabinets for sorting laundry, and the other for sorting my recyclables. These are an excellent solution when you have very little room. All your sorting and storing stays out of sight behind these very cool white cabinets with their port-hole doors. By the way, each comes with two bins and a shelf that can hold large bottles of your laundry products. They were the perfect answer to my storage problems in a very narrow bath/laundry room.5
Gorgeous piece, just wish it had four legsAlyssaI absolutely adore this laundry cabinet. I love the style of it, the ease of tossing my laundry into the correct sorted hamper, but I have one gripe. WHY are there only two front legs and no back legs? It's just such an odd thing to do. I understand it's meant to be wall-mounted, but I really feel those back legs would actually make it easier especially if the set came with spacers from the wall. It's a small gripe, but it's one I can't get over. Literally everything else about the cabinet is 10/104
Love it!AndreaGot tired of seeing dirty laundry fall out of my old laundry basket, saw this laundry cabinet thought I would give it a try. Ended up buying two. The baskets are a good size, full basket equals one load, the perfect size for my washer. Super easy to put together and mount to wall. Very sturdy and solid cabinet.5
NYSJÖN Laundry cabinet, white, 15 3/4x74 3/4 "

Our take on wood

Wood is the material most commonly associated with IKEA furniture, and for good reasons. It’s renewable, recyclable, durable, ages beautifully and it is an important part of our Scandinavian design heritage. At IKEA, we believe that sourced in responsible way, wood is a key change driver for climate mitigation. In 2012, we set a goal that by 2020 our wood would be from more sustainable sources. We are happy to announce that we have reached this goal and today, more than 98% of the wood used for IKEA products is either FSC-certified or recycled.

Forests are critical for life on earth

Forests contribute to maintaining balance in the atmosphere, purify the air that we breathe and are part of the water cycle. They nourish wildlife biodiversity and provide homes for indigenous communities who depend on forests for their livelihoods. 90% of plant and animal species living on the planet need forests to survive. They provide sources of food, fuel, timber and many other ecosystem services that we rely upon. Sourcing approximately 19 million m3 of roundwood per year from some 50 countries, IKEA has a significant impact on the world’s forests and the timber industry and a huge responsibility to positively influence how wood is sourced. Responsible wood sourcing and forest management ensure that the needs of people dependent on forests are met, that businesses can work sustainably, that forest ecosystems are protected and biodiversity is enhanced.

100% wood from more sustainable sources

At IKEA, we work with strict industry standards to promote responsible forestry. We don’t allow any wood in our supply chain from forest areas that are illegal or contain high conservation values or from forest areas with social conflict. Before starting to work with IKEA, suppliers must demonstrate that they meet IKEA critical requirements on wood sourcing. IKEA requires all suppliers to source wood from more sustainable sources (FSC-certified or recycled wood). All suppliers are audited regularly and non-compliant suppliers are required to implement immediate corrective actions. By working together with our suppliers, we are proud to announce that we have reached our more sustainable sources goal, which we set out to achieve by 2020. Today more than 98% of the wood used for IKEA products is either FSC-certified or recycled.

IKEA Forest Positive Agenda for 2030

As pressure on the world’s forests and the surrounding eco-systems increases due to unsustainable agriculture, the expansion of infrastructure and illegal logging, it is time to take an even more holistic approach to protect and support these important resources for generations to come. The IKEA Forest Positive Agenda for 2030 set out to improve forest management, enhance biodiversity, mitigate climate change and support the rights and needs of people who depend on forests across the whole supply chain and drive innovation to use wood in even smarter ways. The agenda focuses on three key areas: • Making responsible forest management the norm across the world. • Halting deforestation and reforesting degraded landscapes. • Driving innovation to use wood in smarter ways by designing all products from the very beginning to be reused, refurbished, remanufactured, and eventually recycled.

We accomplish more by working together

For many years, IKEA has partnered with businesses, governments, social groups and non-governmental organisations to fight forest degradation and deforestation and increase the volume and availability of wood from responsibly managed forests both for our own supply chain and beyond. We are on a journey to improve global forest management and make responsible wood sourcing the industry standard, contributing to building resilient forest landscapes and improve biodiversity.


What is particleboard?

Particleboard is made from recycled wood and sawmill leftovers – so wood pieces with the wrong shade, woodchips and sawdust become a resource instead of possibly being discarded. We use boards for things like bookcases, bed frames, sofas and kitchen frames. To protect from wear and moisture, we apply varnish, veneer or foil that adds to the furniture's look.