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NYMÅNE Wall lamp with swing arm + LED bulb, white

Price $ 47.99
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Brilliant and timeless design. NYMÅNE lamps have attitude and blend in with most decors. Why not combine several different lamps for a uniform style at home?

Article Number603.570.06

Product details

As the light can be dimmed, you are able to choose lighting suitable for every occasion.

Provides a directed light that is great for reading.

You can easily direct the light where you want it because the lamp arm and head are adjustable.

Helps lower your electric bill because dimming the lights saves energy.


Mikael Warnhammar


Max.: 7.5 W

Diameter: 3 "

Cord length: 8 ' 2 "


Skip theseEdwardThey flicker. Adjustable brightness knobs are cheap, I think2
Heed the warnings and do not buy!!!KatePerhaps, like me, you might think, well, I am handy and have small fingers and a level and extra screws and anchors, I should be able to install this. And perhaps you will look at the simple pictorial instructions and do the first part and think, “Going well so far! IKEA must have listened to customer feedback and made this lamp easier to install!” And then you will spend 60 frustrating minutes trying, unsuccessfully, to mount this lamp to the wall (thinking “It will all be worth it when I succeed and have an elegant and affordable reading lamp!”). And then you will conclude that it is impossible for you to install, that you will need to return it to IKEA, that you have wasted an hour of your Saturday, and that you must write this review so that others will not share your hubris and think their installation will somehow go more smoothly! So please do not buy this lamp unless you want to be sad and frustrated. 1
ThrilledNancyThese lamps are perfect. Easy to reach on/off switch, lamps swivel out for more direct lighting or fold back out of the way and provide down lighting against the wall. Love the dimming switch for soft or intense light.5
2 of them installed perfectly one failed?OnaiI don't understand why the third light won't install. other two installed just fine.3
Beautiful lamp, ugly installDawnAll I can say is that the Marquis de Sade must have designed the required installation. I'm glad someone else spent 3 hours trying to install this, so I know I'm not the only one. The package should come with a dozen of those infernal tiny screws because it's highly likely that you'll lose several and they somehow disappear into the ether when you repeatedly drop them. They're beautiful lamps, and one of the two I bought is now snug, secure and level. As to the other one...I'm steeling myself to deinstall and attempt to reinstall this weekend. As to spare parts: I got so excited to see that option but there don't seem to be any for this lamp! I'd totally buy more screws and oh, a mounting bracket because it bends during the many failed installation attempts.4
Attractive, but sags on wallMaxBought this light , it is stylish and what I needed. I was a little trouble to install, but it says under it own weight. The base can be square on the wall but the arm has a noticeable droop. This dosent look good with such a square-angular intention in the design. Not sure if it’s mine or if others had this happen. I’m going to try to return it soon. I would not recommend this item , so I really have to give it the one star .1
Tricky installationTinaGreat once you get it on the wall, but it's tricky. Keep the tiny screws close by, and when you get the backplate on, remember to push the fixture UP when you're tightening the bottom screws. NOT clear on the instructions. Again, it's a great fixture, solid and tight once it's installed correctly4
Perfect Task LightingKristaPicked up 2 of these for task lighting at my desk. They're almost perfect. Took off a star because there was no mounting hardware (screws, drywall holders, etc.) like usual with these. We had to rummage and find some in our toolbox.4
Very frustrating installationDouglasThis lamp looks nice once mounted, and seems to work fine. But the design of the mounting bracket made it VERY annoying to install by myself. The hooks on the bracket face downward, so they only engage when the lamp is pushed upward. So you have to hold the lamp up with one hand the whole time, leaving you just one hand to get a tiny easy-to drop-screw fully screwed into a hole on the bottom. At one point I accidentally loosened my hold on the lamp while focusing on the screw, so the lamp came off the hook at the top, and its weight then bent the bottom of the cheap aluminum bracket (because the screw was partly inserted). It was easy to bend back, but then the mounting holes didn't line up well. A very frustrating experience, especially since I'm usually so impressed by IKEA's engineering and design.3
ConvenientBarbaraLove that they plug in, and I used conduit that can be painted and keeps the cord straight to the outlet. They are attached to either side of my couch and stay flush against the wall, then I can swing them out to read , etc. the head swivels, the arm swivels, they are very sturdy! I did NOT. Ones that came it’s the light bulb, but I did purchase Ikea lightbulbs for it. There is no flicker . The light dims and brightens as you turn the knob, which never feels loose . Good quality.5
More difficult to install than expected, but nice once it's doneNicholasI love the look of this lamp, and functionally it's great. I needed some extra light for my work desk, and the swing arm lets me position it anywhere over the desk. The dimmer dial is a great touch as well. But I'm not sure how strongly I would recommend it because of the difficulty of installing it. The lamp attaches to the wall bracket from underneath, which makes it challenging to keep steady while you screw the lamp in without the lamp falling off. It's also unexpectedly difficult to insert the bulb. This lamp uses a GU10 base, with two prongs that need to slot into the right position before you turn to lock. The shade is very tight around the bulb, and even with small fingers it's hard to grip the bulb enough to guide it into place. It took a few minutes to get the bulb in myself, and I wish the surrounding shade was removable.4
Works as designedDonnaIt works as designed but I wish I had shopped around first. Price is high in comparison and the light bulb is 12.99 for one. Can do much better.3
cute but, not well designed.LindaThe mechanics of the design leave a lot to be desired. Bulbs are not included (ordered on line) but, did order the bulbs stated elsewhere as IKEA does not mail bulbs. Installing the bulbs is also difficult.3
ThrilledNancyThese lamps are perfect. Easy to reach on/off switch, lamps swivel out for more direct lighting or fold back out of the way and provide down lighting against the wall. Love the dimming switch for soft or intense light.5
Get to correct bulbs! LEDARE It's not the switch.MikeI had the same impressions when I installed two of these in our tiny house. They were difficult to install simply because of the small screws but once attached they're rock solid. I also inserted the GU10 bulbs and was disappointed that they didn't dim and when I turned them off they were a bit of a flickering light show. But I was using the RYET LED 200 lm GU10 bulbs. I also had a couple of the LEDARE LED 600 lm GU10 bulbs so I tried them and they worked perfectly! No flickering, good dimming and range from bright to dimmest. If you're having the trouble many of the reviews have mentioned make sure you're using the LEDARE bulbs.5
Worst switch ever!JaredLamp is solidly built and I didn't have any issues mounting it to the wall, but the off/on dimmer switch is absolute garbage. Difference between lowest and highest brighness setting is barely perceptible. Also, 99% of the time when turning the lamp off, the bulb stays on and flickers like a strobe light. I have to turn it on and off several times before the bulb finally goes dark. I purchased the bulb at Ikea at the same time as this lamp. I'm sure someone from Ikea will chime in and tell me I can return it to the store that is a 1.5 hour drive each way for me. Not everyone is in a reasonable distance to their nearest store. Would be great if Ikea could do returns/exchanges by mail, but I won't hold my breath. My only suggestion to other customers would be to try out all of your electric/electronic purchases before leaving the parking garage.2
helps much while need extra workQiyuI m putting in this lamp while getting along with my own efforts of finding the nails. But thanks for having this I get something as a backup!5
Clean and elegant!GeorgeI bought a pair of these a few years ago and I just love them. I was able to install them with no problems and they have held up fine. Mine did not come with bulbs so I had to pick some up locally and they work great. Well designed and beautiful!5
Skip theseEdwardThey flicker. Adjustable brightness knobs are cheap, I think2
Cool product!MaritaThis is a stylish light fixture. It is a little tricky to install but we’ll worth the effort.5


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