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MAXIMERA Add-on side for drawer, high, glass,

Price $ 18.00/2 pack

How to get it

Here’s a way to make your spacious MAXIMERA drawers even better. The glass sides give your drawers a finished look and prevents things like frying pans and baking molds from sticking out on the sides.

Article Number502.388.58

Product details

Prevents things from sticking out or falling through the opening on the sides of the drawers.

Makes it easier to keep things organized inside your drawers and gives your drawers a finished look.


IKEA of Sweden


Depth: 19 1/4 "

Height: 4 1/2 "

Frame, depth: 23 5/8 "

Thickness: 1/4 "

Package quantity: 2 pack


just what i neededDeborahPerfect5
Completes the DrawerSamThe drawers are not complete without the glass. You cannot purchase RTA cabinets without drawer sides, so it is odd they are not included in the price. Glass seems strong when installed. The light shining through the glass from the drawer lights is a nice touch. Only negative was availability was hit or miss. Paying for delivery or drive 40 miles to pick up glass that should be included is troublesome.4
Expensive but worth itJoanVery helpful in corraling pots & pans and other items in the deeper drawers. 5
Stickers impossible to remove!!WilliamProduct was as advertised and easy to install. But half the time was spent removing the damn Maximera stickers on the glass. What the heck, Ikea!!2
No option for smaller depth drawersKimDisappointed I can't find these for my drawers that are 17 3/4" deep. I would really like to have them for all of my high drawers.3
drawer sidesEmmaThe item should be included with drawers!! expensive add on to have to purchase separately.1
Maximera sidesPablo d.Easy to assemble , solid. Sloped inside seems to consumed too much useful space4
Great quality luxurious productsShaniGreat quality luxurious products5
Where is the 14 inch option?SantinoSeems like a pretty big oversight not to have sides for all drawers made and sold.1
Little details that make the ikea kitchen great!Verified BuyerI bought this for the tall maximera drawer. Works perfect for smaller things I store in it not to fall. I find myself always looking to improve storage and little details like these help a lot.5
Awesome problem solver!Verified BuyerKeeps things in the drawers like pan lids and things don’t bang the strides of the cabinets when they fall out the side of the drawer5
ThanksVerified BuyerTotally makes the drawer more effective5
Just what I neededGeorgiaThings were falling out of the sides of my drawers. These solved my problems.5
Finish off your drawersReginaThis product fills the space between the side of the drawer and the rail. Like most IKEA products, installation is confusing and you can fiddle with it for and hour and then suddenly it will snap into place. I wish there was an option other than glass, which will collect fingerprints and might break.4


What is glass?

Glass is mainly made of sand, soda, and lime melted at a high temperature. Tempering or various additives gives you extra-strong and impact-resistant glass that in some cases can be taken straight from freezer to oven without cracking. A big benefit is how glass can be recycled over and over without the quality deteriorating. Also, a lot less energy is needed to melt recycled glass compared to new raw materials. Our goal is to eventually use only recycled glass in our range.