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Take your fish dishes to new heights with this rich and mild lemon and dill sauce. It is ready-mixed and easy to warm up in a saucepan or oven. Serve as a tasty side sauce or use as a gratin sauce.

Article Number604.792.77

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You can use the sauce for dishes with fish and vegetables, or pour it over your favorite fish as a gratin sauce in a baking dish.

The rich and mild LÄCKERGOM sauce with a taste of lemon and dill is great for salmon and other fish dishes.

The sauce is ready-mixed and easy to warm up in a saucepan or oven.

Article Number604.792.77


Net weight: 9 oz

Volume: 8.22 oz

    Lemon- and dill sauceArticle Number604.792.77

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    Weight: 9 oz

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Love this with the SalmonMarianneLove this with the Salmon5
Very disappointingKarenPre-pandemic (which now seems eons ago) the IKEA marketplace carried a really excellent lemon dill sauce called SAS Citron & Dill. It was absolutely delicious and my all-time favorite cooking sauce for seafood dishes. Then, when the pandemic hit, it (and so many other products) were not available. When things started opening up a bit I'd visit IKEA periodically looking for the SAS sauce, but never found it either in the store on online anywhere. Then a few days ago I was browsing IKEA’s web site and found the Lackergom Lemon & Dill sauce. I was so excited, I headed to IKEA the very next day and bought 3 packages, planning to try it with seafood for dinner that night. Unfortunately I have to say that the end result was VERY disappointing. When I opened the pouch and tasted a smidge of the sauce it tasted good and familiar – that great combination of a little lemon zing and subtle dill undertones. Unfortunately the majority of the flavor disappeared when the dish was cooked – I could barely taste any dill OR lemon flavor. It was totally bland. The SAS sauce always kept 100% of its flavors when cooked. Another disadvantage of this new sauce it that according to the instructions it can only be “gently warmed”, not boiled. The suggestion is to warm it in a separate pan and then add it to your cooked dish. With the SAS sauce I would simmer my seafood (e.g. shrimp, scallops, salmon) in it either on the stovetop or baked in the oven, and it always held up perfectly. Can’t do that with this new sauce. Conclusion: the Lackergom is neither as versatile nor as tasty as its predecessor. I won’t buy it again, plus now I have to decide what to do with the other 2 packets I bought. I’ll probably give them away to friends at work, and then try to find another lemon dill sauce that will hopefully have the “wow” factor I’m looking for.2
This is good but I’d preferCINDYThis is good but I’d prefer The sauce that they use in the restaurant for the top of my fish4
Perfect sauce for salmon filetsLoriPerfect sauce for salmon filets5
Yummy saucetrineMakes the salmon so easy5

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Ready-mixed tasty sauce

A really great sauce enhances most meals and does not have to be difficult to make at all. The tasty LÄCKERGOM lemon and dill sauce is rich and mild at the same time. It’s great as a sauce for dishes like salmon and vegetables and can also be poured over your favorite fish as a gratin sauce in a baking dish. It is also ready-mixed and only needs to be warmed up in a saucepan or oven. Good and simple!