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KNÄCKEBRÖD RÅG Rye crispbread

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A multigrain crispbread. Serve for breakfast with an optional topping, or as a snack in-between meals.

Article Number301.485.14

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    Net weight: 9 oz

    • KNÄCKEBRÖD RÅGArticle Number301.485.14

      Length: 6 ¾ "

      Weight: 9 oz

      Diameter: 3 ¾ "

      Package(s): 1


    FoodELISABETH R.It is. Ice to have rad at home that you can store for a long time and dish up for unexpected guests with some dried meat, vegetables or smoked salmon. This can be part of your emergency food as well!!5
    Delicious- great crackers!ROBIN B.Small ingredient list- great taste- almost as good as the the very large ones I remember my dad used to love.5
    Knackebrod ragTanessa C.This is a staple in my household. I put a couple of slices of cheese in top and zap it in the microwave for 10 seconds to melt the cheese and then sprinkle with craisins. Delicious!5
    A blast from the pastTricia P.When I was growing up, my Swedish Grandpa had home made Knäckebröd. I found it at IKEA a few years ago and continue to stock up on it every time I'm at an IKEA I LOVE LOVE this for my daily consumption.5
    Wary good hard bresdnaser g.Okay5
    Nice crispy crackerDONALD M.We use them with cheese at afternoon snack tie.5
    Too dryCARLTON R.Those crackers were harder than I thought,way to dry.2
    Swedish crackersJoanne K.I have visited Scandinavia - particularly Norway- many times and remember how these crisp rye crackers were so good for breakfast. You can add hard boiled egg slices, cheese, jam or pickled herring! Love them and the great memories!5
    Nice alternative to breadTeresa M.I like the crunch of these crackers. They are quite large. It could take the place of a slice of bread. I didn't care for the slightly earthy aftertaste. That's a personal preference.4
    A crunchy good time!ChelseaA very filling snack, perfect on it's own or with a topping.5
    Try something newJesperI grew up with having “knāckebrōd” available, so it nice that it’s available at IKEA. If you want to try something really special, get a package next time you are in IKEA5
    Great to have and keep for a long timeGabrieleHave bought this crisp bread for years, it is very tasty and excellent to keep in the house if you ever run out of fresh bread. Keeps the longest time and tastes as good at the end as at the beginning.5
    Swedish BreadJoanI have always like this bread You can eat it with various items5
    Healthy, Tasty, and Dry as the DesertROBERTThe thing is, if you like this kind of cracker (and I do, though I decline to call it by it's translation, "flatbread"), this is great! Especially with any of IKEA's fish dishes on top of it: herring, Red Seaweed Pearl "caviar," salmon and (my favorite) their salty-but-satisfying Creamed Smoked Roe.5
    Best Bread you can buyTorstenBest Bread you can buy5
    Pretty GoodMargaretI hoped that they would have strong rye flavor, like the old Rye Krisp that I grew up eating, but they are somewhat bland. The dry texture makes them somewhat messy to eat as well. I would not buy these again.4
    Good hard breadKATHIEVery good sub for Lecksands hard bread!5
    Love these rye cracker roundsJacquelineThese cracker rounds are great for lunch or snack time. Just top with favorite meats or cheese or blended toppings.5
    CrackersArtiThis is the second time I am buying this product. Goes well with cheese or simply on its own. Very different taste5
    Great crackersJuliReminds me of Sweden! Very good5