KNÄCKEBRÖD RÅG Rye crispbread

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A multigrain crispbread. Serve for breakfast with an optional topping, or as a snack in-between meals.
  • KNÄCKEBRÖD RÅGRye crispbreadArticle Number:301.485.14
    Length: 6 ¾ "Weight: 9 ozDiameter: 3 ¾ "Package(s): 1

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9 oz


So goodJaneI love this crispbread. I always stock up when I visit Ikea. This is one of my main reasons for going to Ikea!5
NäkkileipäSatuJust like the bread I used to eat at school every day for 12 years.5
Swedish crackersSandyDelish5
WonderfulJoniLove this for a quick snack5
Very good snack.Dali T.Very good snack.4
NostalgicNalle P.Nothing reminds me more of my childhood than knekkebrød, and these are as good as they come5
Delicious crunchy cracker!Janmart1965If you are looking for a salty, overly flavored cracker, this is not it. But if you are looking for a crunchy, low sodium cracker to use as a base for toppings like peanut butter or cheese, this IS it!! I also love these for a light snack with absolutely no guilt in eating.5
LizaliI bought it 2 weeks before. Taste not good to my pallette.1
Not my thing.Rye crackersUmm...taste like, yucky! However, Rye might be your thing.1
KNÄCKEBRÖD is my favorite breakfast item!betsyfromtexasFor years I looked around for this product and never could find it! Then IKEA opened a new store here in my neck of the woods, and lo and behold there was my favorite breakfast item staring back at me from the shelf! Thank you IKEA for making KNÄCKEBRÖD available to someone who fell in love with it as a teenager!5
So Good!ecklundvkGreat in a handy size. Just like the traditional large wheels.5
KnackebrodNancyMayMy mother immigrated from Sweden so I grew up eating Knakebrod and still love it.5
DeliciousMrsCastroPerfect for my low carb diet. Taste really good.5
Delicious Rye Cracker!judyatthelakeThis is my go-to cracker to accompany any meal, or just to eat as a snack on it's own with butter. Delicious, nutritious and lo-calorie.5
Great flavor, great texture, and just rightJWickI like them as open face sandwiches, no matter what you put on them, peanut butter, a slice of cheese, some gravlax, all in all they are just the right size, and the flavor and texture is perfect!5
More practical and delicious just as it is.....Duska 123I am going today to buy more than one just in the case if I do not have time to Ikea. I do not snack on potatoes chips, .... any more this is my healthier snack! Thanks5
Perfect Rye crispbreadAleks 50I like this crispbread for many reasons. It is good with chicken soup, healthy and low calories food.5
CrispbreadSherryM54Love these with peanut butter or my salads. Messy but good.5
Great for lunchesBlwccI like these with all sorts of toppings for lunch. They're low calorie so a couple with toppings of sliced deli meat and salad are a healthy option.5
DeliciousKimerzXThese are good! Crispy but not hard! Crunchy with texture and flavor! Loved them with roasted veggies and cream cheese5

Rye crispbread

$3.49/ 0.551 lb
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KNÄCKEBRÖD RÅG Rye crispbread


$3.49/ 0.551 lb