HUVUDROLL Chicken meatballs, frozen, 2 lb 3 oz
HUVUDROLL Chicken meatballs, frozen, 2 lb 3 oz
HUVUDROLL Chicken meatballs, frozen, 2 lb 3 oz
HUVUDROLL Chicken meatballs, frozen, 2 lb 3 oz
HUVUDROLL Chicken meatballs, frozen, 2 lb 3 oz

Try our delicious HUVUDROLL chicken meatballs – gently seasoned to preserve the natural, juicy chicken flavor. And choosing them helps you reduce your climate footprint by eating less red meat.

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Serve the chicken meatballs as classic Swedish meatballs with mashed potatoes, cream sauce and lingonberry jam – or try them with pasta, vegetables or dishes inspired by Asian cuisine.Chicken meatballs should taste like chicken. That’s why we’ve seasoned the chicken meat gently, allowing its natural, juicy flavor to stand out. Still, its taste is not unlike the beef and pork meatball.By eating white meat instead of red meat you reduce your climate footprint.Easily prepared from frozen in minutes. In the oven, in the microwave or on the stove.Easily portioned. Prepare the amount needed, leave the rest in the freezer.Just as tasty warm as they are cold, e.g. cut in half as a sandwich topping.Prepare from frozen.Oven: Preheat the oven to 350°F. Place the balls in an ovenproof dish in the center of the oven. Heat for approx. 20 minutes.Frying pan: Fry them in a little oil on low to medium heat for approx. 10 minutes. Stir every other minute.Microwave (700W): Place in a bowl without a lid. Heat for 2 minutes for every 5 balls. Stir halfway through.Keep frozen at –4°F or below. Do not refreeze once defrosted.
  • HUVUDROLLChicken meatballsArticle Number:404.863.49
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2 lb 3 oz


Chicken meat ballsCarlaIt tastes ok and it’s easy to fix when you don’t have much time to cook.3
Tasty convenientrachelOn the lower carb end - great product5
Flavorful and fulfillingkarlaSo yummy and cooks fast and easy in the air fryer5
Tasty and ConvenientBethI put them in the toaster oven at work. Makes for an easy, convenient, yet fulfilling snack. I can eat way more of them than I Great value!5
Chicken meatballsSHERITasty but don’t recommend cooking in microwave. Changes texture & taste.4
It is hard to findHeleneIt is hard to find a good quality chicken meatball, but with IKEAs chicken meatballs that has changed. I will make sure I grab a bag each time I am at IKEA in the future.5
Tasted so good , easyJULIANITasted so good , easy to prepare , just pop the meatballs in the microwave !5
Nice chicken ballFnuEasy to heat up and great for lunch box to bring to school4
Great item!jenniferMy teens like meatball and we usually get turkey. They grabbed these while we at Ikea ....they loved them.5
Chicken MeatballsJENNIFERI love these meatballs. They're gluten free, quick to cook, and great for both meals and snacks. They're awesome with a number of sauces, from lingonberry to thai sweet chili.5
No gluten addedKatI love the ease of the chicken meatballs eggs while they don't say gluten free on the bag, they don't add any wheat, so they are safe for my sensitivity to gluten.5
Great taste.ILONAGreat taste.5
Microwave 2 min is enoughJeenchenThe cooking instruction said microwave 4 min. That's too much. Full power microwave 2 min is good enough.4
HuvudrollEDISSONIt taste good and I want to buy more.5
Chicken MeatballsSusyAlways a favorite, just place them in the toaster oven and bake as instructed, great anytime snack, or cook with prepackaged/seasoned rice for a meal, just the right amount of savory, yummy and easy to prepare.5
DeliciousKellyHealthy, flavorful & great price!5
a bit too salty forDoa bit too salty for me4
great productThomashad enough for 3 meals easy to prepare in slow cooker will buy again5
Perfect chicken meatballFitriWe love it, the chicken meatball Perfect with Ikea GRONSAKSKAKA.5
I didn"t have any taste,REEMI didn't have any taste, I was disappointed, not Worth it to buy it2
HUVUDROLL Chicken meatballs, frozen, 2 lb 3 oz

A buffet of good

Today’s recipe for the classic IKEA meatball rolled out from our test kitchen already in 1985. Since then, the IKEA meatball has become an icon on plates around the world and a proud example of traditional Swedish cooking. But, when we asked customers on three different continents what food they prefer, we realized we had to extend our meatball family with tasty alternatives.

“Not everyone eats beef or pork, so we went into the kitchen to create new recipes,” says David Johansson, chef and product developer at IKEA Food Services. First came the chicken ball – an alternative for those who like meat, but not necessarily red meat. “Like all our meatballs it’s just as good hot as cold, and we’ve seasoned it gently so it fits different cuisines and local flavors.”

New flavors in a classic shape

Sustainability was also a reason to create new options. “With the veggie ball we wanted to offer something as appreciated as the classic meatball, but plant-based and with less environmental impact,” explains David. Next came the salmon and cod ball. It contains pieces of salmon that are too small to be used as whole fillets. “And since it’s very tasty meat, we thought, why not make delicious fish balls of it instead?” says David.

Recreating the meatball without meat

The newest edition to the family is the plant ball. It’s made with pea protein, potatoes, apple, oats, and onion, but has the great taste and juicy bite of a meatball – making it perfect for everyone who wants to cut down on meat without losing out on the experience. With a climate footprint that is just 4% of the meatball’s, the plant ball has the power to make a difference. “A lot has happened since 1985. Now, there are edible IKEA icons for more of the many people. No matter if you’re flexitarian, vegan, meat lover, have dietary needs, or cultural preferences.”

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Chicken meatballs for the taste and the climate

Not a classic meatball and not vegetarian – but something new and unique. If you want to eat less red meat to reduce your climate footprint, but still want a meat taste, HUVUDROLL chicken meatballs are a good choice. We have gently seasoned them to preserve the natural, juicy chicken flavor and made them easy to prepare from frozen. Serve classically with mashed potatoes, cream sauce and lingonberry jam – or with pasta, vegetables or Asian dishes.

Chicken meatballs, frozen2 lb 3 oz

$7.99/ 2.205 lb
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HUVUDROLL Chicken meatballs, frozen, 2 lb 3 oz


$7.99/ 2.205 lb