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FRÖJERED Drawer front, light bamboo,

Price $ 49.00

25 year limited warranty

How to get it

Vibrant and warm with a ”wow” feel. FRÖJERED fronts are made of natural bamboo - a sustainable and hard-wearing material that’s perfect in the kitchen. Integrated handles enhance the clean, modern look.

Article Number004.416.35

Product details

Bamboo is a durable, renewable and sustainable material.

The integrated handles enhance your kitchen’s clean lines and give an open, modern look.

Each FRÖJERED drawer front and cover panel, is unique, with color variations that emphasize the wood’s natural expression. It gives your kitchen a warm and vibrant feeling.

25-year Limited Warranty. Read about the terms in the Limited Warranty brochure.


Maja Ganszyniec

  • May be finished with FRÖJERED light bamboo cover panels.

    Fits SEKTION kitchen series.

  • Material
    Front side/ Back side/ Edge:
    Bamboo, Stain, Clear acrylic lacquer
    Bamboo, Honeycomb structure paper filling (100% recycled)

    Wipe dry with a clean cloth.

    Wipe clean with a water dampened soft cloth and a mild non-abrasive dish detergent or soap, if necessary.


Width: 17 7/8 "

System, height: 10 "

System, width: 18 "

Height: 9 7/8 "

Thickness: 3/4 "

  • FRÖJEREDArticle Number004.416.35

    Width: 10 "

    Height: 1 "

    Length: 20 ½ "

    Weight: 2 lb 13 oz

    Package(s): 1


Best cabinet fronts in theRobertBest cabinet fronts in the entire Ikea Sektion line up. We only wish there were more options. We would like to create and entire Kitchen from these fronts. We also wish the Ikea's digital online experience were better. The website and ordering process are still clunky.5
FRÖJERED Drawer front, light bamboo, 18x10 "

For FRÖJERED drawer front family, we’ve used all our knowledge and experience with bamboo to create a sustainable novelty for the kitchen. Bamboo is actually a grass, but is harvested and used as a wood. The great thing about this wood-like grass is that it can be grown in an environmentally sustainable way. It grows quickly and it provides a very high-quality material. We think it's quite an unbeatable combination.

“Yes, I love bamboo. It provides so many opportunities”, says Peter Nilsson with a smile. He is one of our foremost experts on the fast-growing grass and is part of the team responsible for purchasing bamboo and maintaining contact with all growers and suppliers.

Small-scale harvest in green lung

Peter describes the area in eastern China where the bamboo for FRÖJERED grows. “It’s a powerful feeling being in the tall bamboo forest. The plants often grow on slopes where the root system spreads out and helps bind the soil and slows down erosion.” After harvesting, the plant grows new shoots and since the plants in a forest have grown to different heights, they are harvested successively. “That’s why large harvesting machines can’t be used and the harvesting must be carried out in a small-scale manner. It also means that no deforestation ever occurs ⎼ the bamboo forest is always green and effective at converting carbon dioxide into oxygen."

A grass harder than wood

The bamboo plant is a hardwearing plant and neither artificial irrigation nor pesticides are used in the forests of China. It also has a phenomenal growth rate (some varieties can grow one metre per day) and already after six months, a shoot can have grown up to 65 ft in height and 4 ⅔ - 5 " in diameter. “But it needs about five years for the cell wall to become thicker and more wood-like. Actually, in five years bamboo ends up being considerably harder than many species of wood that have grown for 30 years."

Natural color variations

To create a flat bamboo surface, slats are used ⎼ thin strips of the shoot which are glued in layers. Bamboo does not swell as much as many types of wood, so you don’t need to worry about FRÖJERED or other bamboo products cracking over time. And when you see the natural color variations in your drawer fronts, you can reflect on where the bamboo came from and how the cycle continues with new fast-growing shoots.


The art of creating more with less

We constantly strive to use the earth’s resources more wisely. For FRÖJERED drawer front we chose bamboo, a fast-growing grass that doesn’t need irrigation and pesticides. The front’s core is stable, lightweight and made of recycled paper.

Designer thoughts

Designer thoughts

“In search of more sustainable alternatives to precious wood, I became intrigued by bamboo and was inspired to try something new. I designed kitchen fronts that reveal the natural beauty of the material on the outside but are hollow on the inside. Strong but lightweight - saving lots of material. FRÖJDERED doors and drawer fronts are so humble and simple - I hope they can reshape our perception of aesthetics and help us discover the beauty in more sustainable choices.”

Designer Maja Ganszyniec