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FÄRSKHET Bottom-freezer refrigerator, stainless steel color,

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5 year limited warranty

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This stainless steel refrigerator/freezer has a clean, simple design with integrated handles for a sleek look. Adjustable storage bins in the refrigerator door allow you to fit bottles of different heights.

Article Number304.621.55

Product details

5 year limited warranty. Read about the terms in the limited warranty brochure.

An inbuilt fan spreads the air and maintains a consistent temperature throughout, so you can make use of the entire space and store all types of food anywhere.

Adjustable shelves in tempered glass allow you to customize your storage space, adjust it to your needs and create a flexible solution.

You can easily see what you have in the refrigerator because the door compartments and vegetable drawers are transparent.

The fast cooling switch allows you to quickly cool down fresh food and the beverage shelf, perfect after grocery shopping.

Integrated LED light technology illuminates every corner. The light source is maintenance-free, lasts the lifetime of the appliance, and makes it easier for you to see what food and drinks you have.

You never have to defrost or scrap ice as the no frost function automatically regulates the humidity levels to prevent frost and ice formation on food or in the appliance.

Equipped with a door alarm that sounds if the door is not closed properly.


IKEA of Sweden

  • Noise level: 40 dB (A).

    You can choose to mount the doors on the right or left side.

    Ensure enough space to open the door(s) and access your refridgerator/freezer. For detailed measurements please see the manual.

    You will find complete information about the installation and use of this product under the tab Assembly instructions & documents.

  • Care

    After cleaning, be sure to wipe dry with a soft cloth.

    Clean the inside of the fridge/freezer regularly with a soft cloth damped in warm water and mild soap.

    Regularly check the door seals and wipe clean if needed.

    Do not use solvents or abrasive products on any part of the fridge/freezer.

    Clean the refrigerator/freezer door exterior using a non-abrasive cloth damped in warm water and mild soap or a cleaning detergent specifically designed for the appliance.

    Warning:Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
  • Energy Star® Certified.

Technical information


Bottom-freezer refrigerator

Product typeRefrigerator - Freezer
Energy starYes
Type of freezerBottom-Mounted Freezer
Capacity10.4 Cubic Feet
Estimated Annual Electricity Use379 kWh
Cost Range of All Models$11 - $82
Estimated Annual Energy Cost$53
Ice functionNo Through-The-Door Ice
Cost Range of Models with Similar Features$42 - $73
Type of defrostAutomatic Defrost


Width: 23 3/8 "

Depth: 24 3/8 "

Height: 73 5/8 "

Volume, fridge: 7.63 cu.ft

Volume, freezer: 2.8 cu.ft

Weight: 146.61 lb

Cord length: 5 ' 7 "

  • FÄRSKHETArticle Number304.621.55

    Width: 27 "

    Height: 25 ¾ "

    Length: 76 ¼ "

    Weight: 160 lb 15 oz

    Package(s): 1


not the fridge I hoped it would be; doesn’t meet expectations of ikea thoughtfulness and quality. it’s like they got tired of trying to design it and said “meh - good enough.”OliviaSure - it fits. But the freezer is less than convenient, especially if you like to make your own ice in trays. The drawers also reduce the amount of space that is usable. I think two larger, deeper, drawers in the freezer would have been better. I am also fairly paranoid of the drawers breaking. It seems like the bulk of the support relies heavily on the slats along the edges and I am having a hard time trusting this freezer will stand up to wear and tear. The fridge itself is pretty good. But if you have the freezer set to be its coldest, then your produce in the produce drawer in the fridge will freeze. Also, no matter how much I level it, the door remains ajar the majority of the time and the fridge will beep to alert us it is open. I worked hard to get this fridge to Alaska on a layover in Seattle. I transported it via Alaska Air Cargo and complied with all recommendations to get it here safely. I’m bummed it isn’t meeting general expectations of ikea thoughtfulness and quality.3
I love it. It's just the right size.IsabellaI'm very happy with the refrigerator5
More space than most 24” unitsLeticiaThis fridge was the perfect fit for our small kitchen Reno. I love the height and depth. The only downfall is you cannot fit a gallon jug anywhere in the fridge without it being on its side.5
Right size but stopped working after 2 monthsChristinWe purchased this fridge at the end of summer for part of kitchen remodel. We liked the size and that it was counter depth. It's been plugged in and working for about 2 months and now it's on the fritz. The alarm keeps going off. We have checked everything to make sure that the doors are closed. Last night the freezer stopped working altogether. I am super disappointed that after two months of use it is already having problems. I would not recommend this appliance.2
Most common beverages will not fit upright in this fridgeNicoleThis fridge is aesthetically pleasing and functionally fine for our family of two. Unfortunately we immediately ran into the problem of not being able to fit our Brita pitcher in the fridge as the glass shelves are not adjustable. Even the printed instructions that come with the product are printed incorrectly to indicate that the shelves are somehow adjustable when they are definitely not—the inside grooves are molded for the shelves at the set heights equidistant to ensure three will fit. I am disappointed that this wasn’t something I anticipated having to worry about, as one would assume a fridge shelf would be adjustable, but this is what we ended up with. At the end of the day, it is a small inconvenience.3
Nice size for a small kitchen.AntonellaThe only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is the fact that the shelf adjustment is not available. The refrigerator looks great inside and out. Is nice and quiet and the finish on the outside is fingerprint free. Very nice unit for a small kitchen!4
ALMOST PERFECT but one MAJOR FLAWJordanThis refrigerator is the perfect size for my narrow kitchen. I was excited to read all the specs BUT there is a MAJOR error- the shelves are NOT ADJUSTABLE. The glass shelves above the drawers are not adjustable- only removable. The glass shelves do not have enough height between them to hold a tall bottle(like a gallon of milk, a standard container of juice etc) and im only left with the option to totally remove an entire shelf or lay the large bottles on their sides. Since the glass shelves cannot be adjusted and cannot fit even a large ketchup bottle- one would hope that the shelves on the door would... but sadly, no. The door shelves are narrow and one small section is wide enough to hold 2 QUART sized bottles of milk. I hope we can make this work but the advertising in the manual and here on the site needs to be corrected- the glass shelves are NOT adjustable. The two bottom drawers cannot be moved either. For 1500$ its quite a disappointment.3
Perfect Space-saverEsthelaI love this refrigerator! We have a compact kitchen and this refrigerator is the perfect addition. It has plenty of space for us, it saves energy and it is aesthetically pleasant.5
RPRT!Lynda-SelenaSaved a lot of money with this purchase! It was an unexpected surprise find! Very pleased with the look, Quality and Price! Now if you would only sell bathtubs….lol4
Counter deep, and very wellJuanCounter deep, and very well finished. Beautiful piece ❤️5
Brand IKEA, Model FÄRSKHET, Capacity 10.4 Cubic Feet, Product type Refrigerator - Freezer, Type of defrost Automatic Defrost, Type of freezer Bottom-Mounted Freezer, Ice function No Through-The-Door Ice, Estimated Annual Energy Cost $53, Cost Range of All Models $11 - $82, Cost Range of Models with Similar Features $42 - $73, Estimated Annual Electricity Use 379 kWh, Energy star Yes