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ELLOVEN Whiteboard/noticeboard with casters, white,

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Freestanding, mobile and double-sided whiteboard, both for writing and pinning up pictures and notes. Great support for virtual meetings with colleagues and on-site customer presentations.

Article Number704.747.69

Product details

Double-sided whiteboard that allows you to write on one side and pin up notes or pictures on the other.

The magnetic writing surface can also serve as a bulletin board to display printed charts, notes and photos.

Extremely lightweight, yet a well-balanced and robust whiteboard that is easy to move around with just one hand.

The writing surface is easy to write on, quick to clean and large enough for your presentations.

Strong underframe with 4 lockable castors makes the whiteboard stable.

It is easy to place several whiteboards next to each other if you need a larger presentation area.

Shelf for whiteboard pens, magnets and accessories for fixing pictures or notes to the board.

The whiteboard is designed so that several can stand very tightly together for practical storage.


Francis Cayouette


Width: 27 1/2 "

Height: 70 7/8 "

  • This product comes as 2 packages.
    ELLOVENArticle Number704.747.69
    This product has multiple packages.

    Width: 28 ½ "

    Height: 1 ½ "

    Length: 53 ¾ "

    Weight: 23 lb 1 oz

    Package(s): 1

    Width: 7 "

    Height: 3 ¼ "

    Length: 26 ¾ "

    Weight: 8 lb 7 oz

    Package(s): 1


Good quality, pricy, lacks functionality.Hector H.Overall a good product but priced higher that comparable items in the market, legs make it bulky, I wish the whiteboard surface could be turned from vertical to horizontal and that the legs could be closed or folded for better storage.3
Needs improvementNAGAVENKATAKARTHEEKI liked the appearance of this product a lot and purchased it. Practically speaking it needs a lot of improvement and is definitely not worth the price. The height of the stand is an issue and a lot of area is not readily usable in a comfortable pose. Secondly the white board surface is glossy and susceptible to ink stains.2
Stains easily, way too shortRyan K.1) The board starts below my knee, so much useable space is wasted unless you are collaborating with a 3 year old. 2) It stained on the first use. There are lots of very faded dry erase marks all over it. I tried using a spray, glass cleaner, and alcohol and nothing will get the faint lines off the board.2
so fun and it doespatriciaso fun and it does double duty with the dry erase board on one side and push pin board on the other!5
love this screen/boardVESNAeasy to assemble. like that one side you can write and the other hang notes/pics/etc. great for working from home. helpful5