EFTERFRÅGAD Vacuum food container, stainless steel, 17 oz
EFTERFRÅGAD Vacuum food container, stainless steel, 17 oz
EFTERFRÅGAD Vacuum food container, stainless steel, 17 oz
EFTERFRÅGAD Vacuum food container, stainless steel, 17 oz
Article Number402.883.54

Product details

The wide mouth makes it easy to fill and eat from.Can be used both for beverages and food.The insert is made of metal and is impact resistant.You can lower your food waste by saving your leftovers in this food vacuum flask. It keeps the food warm, is easy to eat from and take with you.Keeps food or soup warm for up to 6 hours.For best results, pre-heat the food flask with boiling water a couple of minutes before you put the food in.Wash this product before using it for the first time.Designer

Anna Efverlund

  • Lid:Polypropylene, Expanded polyethylene plastic
    Body/ Bottom:Stainless steel
    Seal:Silicone rubber
  • No BPA (Bisphenol A) added.
  • EFTERFRÅGADVacuum food containerArticle Number:402.883.54
    Length: 5 ¾ "Weight: 11 ozDiameter: 3 ¾ "Package(s): 1

Product size

6 "
17 oz


It keeps my food warmBOO H.It keeps my food warm and reasonable price.4
ContainerAlanGood size and product.5
Keeps hot food hot, coldKimKeeps hot food hot, cold food cold.5
Poor performanceRizaSVery disappointed with this purchase. Does not maintain the temperature of food. Not worth the price.1
Fair/decent insulationjr500I bought this for hot soups and it has good hot temperature insulation for about up to 4+ hours . . . The downside is the plastic lid: depending on where it lands & from how high and that PLASTIC lid will break or at least crack. You have to treat it like you are carrying eggs in it to prevent from dropping. Be conscious of it when you are moving it.3
Great productMadhu83I bought this for my daughters school lunch she loves it.. food saying hot till lunch time5
Awesome containerBluezazooI like this container because I use it for both food and drinks. I can use it for soup one day and water the next. I only wish the lid had a hand hold of some kind. But it's fantastic the way it is.4
Bit of costly one but good qualityHasmukhBit of costly one but good quality4
It"s nice but older version had better sealCostamesI have 2 of the older version and 2 of the new one. IKEA messed up the seal adding a groove , that makes it harder to wash. Please bring back the old design of the seal.4
OkEng9Get it scalding hot before putting in food so it stays hot!4
Svetalen25This is very good for work or school.5
Handy Containerlinda5053I bought this to use as a coffee canister. It's just the size I was looking for and keeps my coffee fresh.5
It could be betterJasminPIt keeps good/ drinks warm but only for a short period of time. It’s not something that you would keep your Coffee in all day it would eventually get cold in 2-3hrs2
It works!L1webdesignI did not expect the thermos to work well, but it kept hot food hot for my son's lunch 4 hours later.5
Good qualityJewelgatorWe bought this for our daughter's lunch. I heat food and put it directly into the container, it stays warm for about 5 hours. Lid stays tight, no spills.5
conn ebought it for my 6years old school lunch. Yes it keeps her food warm but she has a difficult time opening it( it's a twist off lid)4
Perfect!jl143This works great for kids' lunches by keeping the hot foods hot!5
Don’t buyKimyaFood leaked all over my daughter’s backpack1
Works well with hot or cold foods.MC57Bought one a year ago and went back for a second one. Be sure the top is screwed on correctly or it will leak.5
Terrible Container!KS1984This container looks nice, but it leaks terribly. This container isn't suitable for anything that contains any amount of liquid. Pretty bad for a food container.1

Vacuum food container, stainless steel17 oz

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EFTERFRÅGAD Vacuum food container, stainless steel, 17 oz