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BOAXEL Wall upright, white,

Price $ 10.00

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These wall uprights form the base of BOAXEL wall-mounted storage system. Decide how many wall uprights you need – and add interiors to create your personalized storage for clothes and shoes.

Article Number804.487.32

Product details

Wall uprights are the base for a BOAXEL wall-mounted storage solution, and you can easily create your solution by clicking in BOAXEL brackets wherever you want a shelf or other accessory – no tools needed.

BOAXEL can be used in humid areas of the home, like in the laundry room.

With BOAXEL planner, you can easily create a solution that is adapted to you along with your home and storage needs.


IKEA of Sweden


Height: 78 3/4 "

Width: 3/4 "


it's would be good, but ....ÉvaBe sure to buy the right screw size. On the instruction paper they recommend (5/16") screw head but it is too big. So before you equip the boaxel wall upright check the srew size. I am a bit angry now because I can't change the all srew set and I just hope, later it will not fall down.1
Ugly ink printed on every componentDashaThe shelving system is good, except for one tacky thing: every component has black print all over it that you can't remove. If this is being installed somewhere you will be able to see all the parts, be aware that the barcode, part number, a bunch of other text is printed right onto the product and there is seemingly no way to get the print off. I tried nail polish remover and rubbing alcohol and at best, it faded the black ink slightly. Because I bought the whole system online, I wasn't aware of this ugly detail. We installed the shelves because we thought we could scrub off the ink. Now they're staying in our laundry room and it does not look good.2
SturdyAlexiaThese hold a great amount of weight and support.5
Closet organizingRollandIt was inexpensive and easy to install. Has turned out great and works well.5
This closet system works great!RebeccaMy teenager was having challenges finding the right mix of shelves, hangin space, and drawers in her closet until we found this system. No she loves having all of the right type of space. The best part is that it can be changed as the needs change.5
It works great.StefanIt works great.5
I love the whole systemTeresaGreat product. Will recommend it to others5
Great value!HeatherGreat value!5
Great closet!GustavoGreat closet and easy and fast to assemble, will do all my other closets like this.5
One of the best, easiest,ParmilaOne of the best, easiest, and affordable closet system we used. Super easy to install, modular and neat Always an IKEA fan5
Just wish they had moreMatthewJust wish they had more stock of it in the store5
Very versatile system and functional!!LindaVery versatile system and functional!!5
sturdy, good utility shelvingJimEasy to assemble, providing sturdy and useful shelving for wall areas and flexibility in arranging space5
Versatile and interchangeableJohnathonQuickly assemble and get to storing and organizing. Change your mind or situation and quickly find a new layout that suits your needs.4
Boaxel shelvingThomasBoaxel shelving is OK, bought over Closet Maid and Container Store. Other 2 systems insisted I use the in store (or on line service) to lead product. We have an odd layout and room needed custom application. Were able to modify Ikea product to fit room. Your product is a little difficult to assemble but once I devised a template it became user friendly. Do wish you had more sizes available for verticals. Most disappointed that “supply chain issues” interfered, I had to go back and forth to Newark & Paramus. In both locations associates were helpful .4
excellent for small florida closetsMichelleexcellent for small florida closets5
Not as good as it used to beJuanBoaxel seems to have replaced the Algot closet shelving system. While it appears that Boaxel is pretty good it is not appear as sturdy as the Algot system, nor does it seem to have the same selection of items and accessories. It is still a better closet system than many competitors, just not as good as the Algot used to be.5
Items have been out of stock for over 2 monthsVanessaI placed an order and was sent a followup email that some items were now out of stock and I was receiving a refund. I didn't know at the time that those items were the two that I needed to attach everything to. Meaning, I cannot build my closet system until those two pieces come back in stock (which still hasn't happened, 2 months later). I have my entire closet system sitting on the floor in my room, taking up space. I am beyond frustrated. And shipping cost was outrageous.1
Not ArgotRonNot even close to being Argot. Less flexible, not as sturdy, more difficult to install, less options. Three stars because it does work, just not nearly as well/flexible as Argot.3
More challenging than it looksGwenWe purchased the components to organize our daughter’s closet. The end result was lovely. But it was more difficult to plan & assemble than originally anticipated. Also, some of the brackets did not fit into the rail, we had to mallet them into place. I did not use the online planning tool, so maybe that would have been helpful? I did not realize the brackets are double sided so you can use both sides to attach to a shelf or hanging rod. Therefore if I want to create a single shelf across , I have a gap between shelves.3


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