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A living room is shown with VÄRMER items: cushions, wooden bench, boardgame, rug, basket, spinning tops and wall sconce.

Designed for belonging. Celebrate the season of cozy gatherings.


Truly personal

Whether it snows in your part of the world or you’re enjoying tropical sunshine, this season is about gathering your loved ones, being cozy and enjoying time together. Everyone has their own way of celebrating. Whether you put up a tree or simply light a candle, it is easy to create a home that is designed for belonging.

A family of four gathers in the living room playing at the VÄRMER board game table while sitting on a black chair and grey daybed.
Books and magazines are placed in the VÄRMER wooden carrying basket, which sits on the floor beside a blue and red rug.

VÄRMER consists of holiday-inspired homeware and winter accessories to make you and your loved ones feel even more at home. Beautiful, timeless and functional pieces of furniture and decoration (and more) designed for all kinds of celebrations, but above all, for being together.

Three aluminium VÄRMER candlesticks are placed on a coffee table; one has its cover open revealing used candles.
The aluminium VÄRMER chandelier with lit candles hangs over a minimalist dining table with plates and glasses.

Drawing inspiration from their own everyday lives, two designer families – from two different parts of the world – created a truly personal collection that makes the holidays even more special.

Sarah and Jens Fager, designers.

Sarah Fager and Jens Fager, Sweden

The couple’s starting point for VÄRMER was their family’s daily life during the winter season.

We really love the holiday season, cozying up with family and friends, cooking, crafting, and playing games, so the items we’ve designed for VÄRMER are very personal. We’ve created functional objects, with a high design value, made in materials that will last for many years to come.

Sarah and Jens Fager, designers

Naeem Biviji and Bethan Rayner, designers.

Naeem Biviji and Bethan Rayner, Kenya

The husband and wife team from Nairobi has been inspired by the seasonal mood and local activities during this time of year.

We’ve been inspired by typical seasonal activities like the avocado harvest and getting together for a cup of mulled wine. On the whole, our products are about making it easier and more fun to interact, whether sharing a meal, playing games, or just having a chat.

Naeem Biviji and Bethan Rayner, designers

A father and his daughter are baking gingerbread cookies together using VÄRMER pastry cutters.
Nuts and dates are placed in three VÄRMER bowls which are shaped like avocados.

No matter which part of the world you are in, you can find plenty of ways to celebrate the season. You can go all out with a feast or simply enjoy the quiet downtime – it’s up to you.

A festive scene is seen from above where a family gathers around a candle-lit dining table with cheese, figs and nuts.
Beige stoneware mugs and jugs with mulled wine are placed on a black counter while a candle hangs on a wall sconce.
Three VÄRMER spinning tops are on top of a minimal wooden bench and a blue and red woven rug.
We were curious to see what we have in common and what separates the way we spend the winter holiday season in Kenya and Sweden. It turned out that it doesn’t matter whether you live in the Northern or the Southern Hemisphere – we do pretty much the same things. We eat, we play games, we hang out together.

Mette Nissen, Creative Leader IKEA

A cozy grey daybed with brown patterned VÄRMER cushions is seen beside a window.
On a dining table, candles are lit and placed on black VÄRMER puzzle candlesticks.