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Clothes & shoe organizers

In the morning rush, every minute counts. So you don't have time to waste hunting for your missing left loafer or your favorite scarf. A smart clothes and shoe rack will make finding your things a breeze. That way, you can devote those extra minutes to sleep instead – all thanks to a shoe rack.

Enjoy exits in full color with this new shoehorn

With its vibrant red color, this shoehorn will add a burst of energy to your hallway. Made from sturdy metal and with a neat, compact shape designed to easily hook almost anywhere, you’ll always be ready to leave with a smile.

A green stool in front of a colorful wall holding a GRANVÅG mirror that has a bright red SNÖSKYFFEL shoehorn hooked onto it.
A child on a stool putting on a shoe and holding out a hand with a bright red SNÖSKYFFEL shoehorn hanging from their finger.

A new coat rack for glorious mornings

When the morning rush-hour could do with being a bit more organized, this open coat rack with shoe storage is ready to get things on track. It’s packed with handy storage to keep all your family’s going-out things ready to grab and go.

See the MACKAPÄR series
A pale green NISSAFORS trolley by a white MACKAPÄR coat rack with shoe storage in a bright hallway holding coats and shoes.
One side of the lower shelves of a white MACKAPÄR coat rack with shoe storage holding trainers and shoes in various colours.
See the MACKAPÄR series