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The meatless meatball – a Swedish classic that’s entirely plant-based

What looks and tastes like meat, but contains no meat? Our plant ball of course! It has the look, taste and juicy bite of its meaty counterpart, but its ingredients have only 4% of the climate footprint. And rumour has it, once you’ve tasted it, you’ll be back for more.

HUVUDROLL plant balls being fried in a black frying pan on an induction hub. A hand is sprinkling chopped parsley over them.

The future is plant-based

Making sustainable choices benefits us all, and we plan to make the world a greener place, one plant ball at a time. We sell around 1 billion meatballs a year, so converting just some of them into plant balls will make a real difference and get us closer to our goal of being climate positive by 2030.

    Where vegans and meat lovers meet

    Developed with meat lovers in mind, the plant ball is made from pea protein, oats, potato and apple. The meaty taste is achieved by adding umami flavours, such as mushroom, tomato and roasted vegetables. And because there are no animal-based ingredients it’s suitable for vegan and vegetarian diets.

    A person stirring HUVUDROLL plant balls with a wooden spoon whilst they’re being fried on an induction hub.

    Have a ball

    The plant ball is part of our ever-expanding HUVUDROLL family and can be bought in our Swedish Food Market. You can even try the plant ball in our restaurants where it’s served with mashed potatoes, cream sauce, lingonberry jam and peas – just like the traditional meatball plate – and at the same low price.

    Try the plant ball at your local restaurant
    A young girl enjoys a serving of plant ball, mashed potatoes and peas in an IKEA restaurant while her mother looks on.
    Try the plant ball at your local restaurant

    A plant-based alternative for home cooking

    Meet VÄRLDSKLOK, a plant-based mince. A versatile meat-free option, it can be used to make many dishes at home. It tastes great and has a low climate footprint. You could say that this is our most “IKEA” food product yet because you get to assemble your own more sustainable meatball – no Allen key required.

    Home-made plant balls made from VÄRLDSKLOK plant based mince laid out on a baking tray. Beside them is the VÄRLDSKLOK packet.

    A tasty time saver

    Want to eat tasty, nutritious meals, but don’t have the time to cook? Don’t worry, LÄTTLAGAT ready meals have got you covered. Enjoy veggie balls served with rice, rich curry sauce, green beans and carrots. As close to homemade as it gets – ready to serve in minutes.

    A LÄTTLAGAT ready meal packet next to a plate containing the prepared meal on a white, speckled table.
    A pink hexagonal plate on white marble bench top. On the plate are baby spinach leaves decoratively arranged in a ring.

    More plant-based goodness

    The protein choices we make have an impact on the climate. So, we’re making the shift to a more sustainable food system.

    Discover delicious plant-based options