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SMAKRIK – organic drops of Sweden

    The SMAKRIK series of 100% organic rapeseed oils is a new addition to our organic IKEA food range. The oils are produced in the heart of Österlen in the province of Skåne – the epicentre of the Swedish rapeseed industry.

    Traditional farming...

    The Swedish farmers that contribute to SMAKRIK oils follow strict ecological guidelines. No synthetic pesticides or fertilisers are sprayed on the fields – much to the joy of bees and other insects that gladly help with pollination in return. Besides preserving biodiversity, organic farming helps to maintain soil health too.

    ...and modern flavors

    SMAKRIK is a versatile and truly Swedish series of neutral, naturally nutty or gently flavoured oils. All with different qualities and characteristics. The neutral, pressed oil is really good for making mayonnaise. The butter-flavoured one can be used instead of butter when baking. The cold-pressed oil with dill flavour is great to sprinkle over salmon before it’s served. The thyme and the wild garlic flavours fit perfectly with meat, just before it’s taken off the grill. Or as a last touch on top of soup.

    No chemicals are used when extracting the oils from the seeds in the SMAKRIK rapeseed oil production.

    One of Sweden’s best-kept culinary secrets

    Rapeseed oil has been common in Swedish kitchens for ages. It’s always been appreciated for its cooking qualities. Now, it’s about to bring a touch of Swedish cooking into your home too. Use the oils with your favourite ingredients or experiment with new fusion cooking. The possibilities are as endless as the golden fields of Skåne.

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