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EGENTID – good for you, the farmers and the planet

We want to offer you products that are made with care for people and the environment, and make them available at affordable prices. That’s why we have developed EGENTID, a series of high quality teas with whole leaves. All EGENTID products are sustainable and have either UTZ or a combination of UTZ/UEBT certifications, and some of them are also organically grown according to EU standards.

By choosing our UTZ certified coffee, tea and cocoa products, you contribute to sustainable farming.
By choosing our UTZ certified coffee, tea and cocoa products, you contribute to sustainable farming.

Drinking tea is a good way to take a pause, calm down and clear your mind, which is why we have named the series EGENTID – the Swedish word for “time on my own”. EGENTID tea series comprises black tea, green tea, white tea, rooibos, chai and fruit and herbal infusions. With well known flavour combinations as a base, we’ve added surprising twists. Some come as loose teas (coming this fall), some in tea bags (coming next year). All flavours are 100% natural.

The UTZ/UEBT certification means you can trust that the tea leaves and herbs were farmed in a responsible way, ensuring sustainable farming standards and better conditions for farmers.

Tea farming for a better tomorrow

Organic farming doesn’t use pesticides, fertilisers or artificial inputs. It also helps preserving biodiversity, and maintaining soil health.

By becoming UTZ certified, tea producers learn new techniques to improve their yields and quality of their crop, protect their workers and the environment, and ultimately earn a better income. In 2015, UTZ and the Union for Ethical BioTrade (UEBT) developed a new program for herbal and fruit tea. A UEBT certification assures that natural ingredients are sourced with respect for people and biodiversity.

IKEA and UTZ have been partners since 2008 as the first certified coffee products were introduced. Since then, the cooperation has been deepened and expanded. Today, IKEA carries UTZ certified coffee, chocolate and ice tea products. Now, as the EGENTID range of UTZ certified loose teas and tea bags is introduced, the cooperation is expanded even further.

The unique, natural flavours of EGENTID tea series will surely make your well-deserved “me, myself and a cup of tea”-moments special, but EGENTID can also be used as the perfect secret ingredient to spice up refreshing drinks, a fruit dessert, truffles and even for seasoning salmon in a new way.

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