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Terms & conditions for Electrical Vehicles (EV) charging

  1. EV parking lots are strictly reserved for EV vehicles with charging activity and are subject to the availability of the EV lot.​
  2. EV charging activities are opened between 10am to 10pm daily at a rate of $0.45 per kWh. The operator reserves the right to change, suspend or restrict access to the EV chargers without notice or liability.​
  3. Mecomb is not liable to you or any person with you
    (a) injury sustained by you or anybody else;
    (b) Loss or damage to vehicles and their contents left within the car park​
    (c) and by using the EV chargers, you agree to release and indemnify Mecomb from any claim​
  4. Users shall be responsible to pay the operator for any damage to the equipment, structure and/or fixtures or to the grounds in the car park or elsewhere caused by the users for whatever reason. The operator shall have absolute authority to assess the cost of making good or repairing the damage and any statement issued by the operator to the quantum of such loss shall, save for manifest error, be accepted as conclusive evidence that the amount thereon is due and owing.

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