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IKEA for cats and dogs

    Designed for all personalities

    For the dashing divas and Zen-like philosophers. For the endearing introverts and playful extroverts. Every pet has its own personality and needs. That’s why LURVIG offers a wide range of pet furniture and accessories with plenty of colours, patterns and textures to choose from. Pink and fluffy? Or sleek and patterned? It’s up to you (or Buddy).

    A perfect match

    What’s wonderful about LURVIG is how it easily fits into IKEA classics, like a cat house (available from Dec 2020) that fits perfectly into a KALLAX shelving unit. There is also a smart cat house that slips over a simple MARIUS stool.

    Snuggle and cuddle

    Dogs are cute and cuddly. But sometimes they can be messy too; plopping down on the furniture right after rolling around outside. Snuggle up with them with the LURVIG blanket or keep their fur tangle-free with this brush.